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The top 7 most unnecessary ideals of beauty

There are always new trends circulating on the Internet that support certain ideals of beauty. Mostly it is about being particularly slim, which you can then see on certain parts of the body. It is unknown who comes up with such trends or challenges. What is clear, however, is that these trends are not just chasing after an ideal of beauty that is far removed from reality and extremely unhealthy. Here are my top 7 unhealthy ideals of beauty on the internet ...

7. Thigh gap

Probably the most famous beauty craze that made social media unsafe some time ago: The Thigh Gap. Translated into German, Thigh Gap means something like Thigh gap and describes a gap between the inner thighs.

The ideal is that the thighs do not touch. This absurd goal should be viewed critically because a thigh gap can be anatomical in nature.

Even many slim girls do not have this gap because a thigh gap is simply not possible with their anatomical hip position.

6. Hip Bridge or Bikini Bridge

This trend, too, tends to ensure that girls starve themselves down to a minimum weight. The term describes the sticking out of bikini panties at the hips when you are lying down. The bikini forms a small bridge, so to speak, exactly on the hip bone. In my opinion, this is more dangerous than beautiful.

5. From crack

The Ab Crack is the new Bikini Bridge, because new trends are not long in coming. Ab Crack describes a crack in the middle of the stomach when it is very well trained. This line runs from the chest to the navel.

The problem is that women have to have a body fat percentage of less than 15 percent for defined abdominal muscles (six packs) - this is not far from the absolute lower limit of 10 percent, which you should never fall below. Fat loss is genetically predisposed; we usually have the last reserves on our stomach. So for an Ab Crack you can hardly have any more body fat, and that becomes very unhealthy very quickly ...

4. A4 waist

Hold an A4 sheet of paper vertically in front of your stomach and see what happens! If you could no longer see your waist and your stomach behind it, that would correspond to the beauty ideal of this challenge.

A very dangerous challenge, because an A4 sheet is very far from a healthy weight and could not be more unrealistic.

If we look at an A4 sheet of paper, we can hardly believe that it should be beautiful.

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3. Grasp your thighs

To be able to hold your thighs with both hands? Depends on the size of the hands. But this is hardly feasible even with large paws. Unless you're really extremely thin.

Most of us are happy when we can hold our calves with our hands. That's a realistic goal, isn't it? Who wants thighs as thin as calves?

Personally, I even find a nice definition with a little muscle on the legs much nicer! Another plus point: You can distinguish between your calves and thighs directly 😉

2. Collarbone Challenge

I think this challenge is a bit funny and would expect it as an attraction in the circus. After all, putting a number of coins on your collarbones without them falling is not something you do every day.

This challenge also supports a rather too thin self-image that glorifies protruding bones as an ideal of beauty. What happened to Strong is the new skinny? I thought rattles were a thing of the past ...

1. Bellybutton Challenge

If the Collarbone Challenge is not yet ready for the circus, you might find pleasure in the Bellybutton Challenge. Here are a few brief instructions: Take your right hand, bring it behind your back to your left waist and then a long way to your belly button.

Well, can you get your fingers up to the brook navel? Probably not. Apparently you are neither extremely thin nor a contortionist.

Sorry, but this challenge is just plain absurd. We can also try to clamp our foot behind our head right away 😉

My conclusion: love your body!

We at GYMONDO do not support such unhealthy fitness trends, because they promote an unhealthy ideal of beauty and quickly lead to eating disorders.

Basically, wanting to be slim is a great and motivating goal. It is important that you stay healthy and fit in order to be prepared for everyday life.

If you finally want to tackle this goal properly, I recommend the slim in 10 week program. Here you will learn to change your body healthily and sustainably with a healthy diet and regular workouts!


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