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I think the series is just delicious. All characters have their charm here. Only the main character Hank Moody annoys 1-2 times over several episodes with his horny penetrance towards his ex. Therefore not the highest number of points, but still one of my favorite series.
Probably the best comedy series ever, with a lot of situation comedy, drama and great acting, especially by Duchovny, who gives the cynical philosopher with a lot of devotion.
I prefer unconventional methods. It's the same with the series. Main stream is really nice, but the unconventional films, or in this case series, are my absolute favorites. There are no limits to the unconventionality in Californication. Especially concerning the dialogues. A series that can really be recommended to everyone who likes it radical, sexy and stirring. This Californication is about the author Hank Moody (David Duchovny), who cannot tear himself away from his ex-wife Karen, although she now has a new boyfriend and is planning to marry ... but the dialogues, the staging and the brilliant actors all ensure that Californication is pure entertainment. Led by a really horny David Duchovny as Hank Moody, the cast plays with pure passion. Also a real eye-catcher: Evan Handler as Hank, his agent Charlie Runkle and his wife Marcy played by Pamela Adlon. In addition, new characters are introduced over and over again, which give the series a new boost whenever something has just started to stutter. Season 1: 4/5 The beginning of the Californication saga is an all-round success. In addition to good storylines, there is an incredible amount of sex, piggy dialogues and lots of laughs. In addition, it is exciting until the last episode. Other comedy series such as Two And a Half Men could take an example from this, as these are no longer as funny, let alone exciting, as Californication. So a very strong start for Californication with a great ending. Season 2: 4,5 / 5 The sequel to Californication tops its predecessor especially in terms of humor. No season was funnier than the second. Extremely funny and horny characters like Lew Ashby (Callum Keith Rennie) or Julian (Matthew MacFadyen) are introduced and are great entertainment. Especially Lew Ashby will be remembered for a long time, because he was the only one who was able to stand up to Hank in terms of quick-wittedness and etc. so far. What is also very remarkable is that Californication is evolving in terms of plot. The storyline that was the main thread in season 1 is now a secondary thread for 2 other characters while there is a new main thread. All characters also develop further. Season 3: 4/5 Still highly entertaining. Not quite as exciting as its two predecessors, however. However, extremely cool that Hank Uni-Prof. becomes. This is really entertainment at its best. In addition, the character Richard Bates is introduced, who will still cause quite a few laughs. Dialogues as awesome as ever and otherwise you get what you want from Californication. Season 4: 4.5 / 5 The best season so far. Unbeatable in terms of tension. 13 episodes that I devoured in a row because you really want to know how the whole party will end. Top guest stars this season, the regular cast delivers what you are used to from it. In addition, there is a perfect ending for me, which could have rounded off the series. Even brought a few tears to my eyes. So this season has been the non-plus ultra of the Californication series and would have been a worthy end to the series. Season 5: 3,5 / 5 Oh Man. You had this perfect ending in season 4 and you still go on. This season of Californication is the weakest so far and it wasn't nearly as fun as its 4 predecessors. It's a shame it turned out that way. Still positive: Hank Moody never loses his charm and Runkle never loses his humor as well as his talent for getting into the hilarious situations. Seasons 6 and 7 are still pending for me, but I'll see both of them. I hope that these two seasons can pick up on the old Californication level again and thus excuse the fifth season as a one-time slip-up. Remains to be seen, however, I am rather skeptical, because after the 4th season you should have simply drawn a thick line under Californication. Season 6: 3/5 And as I already suspected. Californication gets weaker and weaker. Here is a brief overview of the positive and negative things of the 6th season. Negative: -something too cliché -no more tension -dialogue have subsided. No longer as unique as at the beginning of the series -New characters are introduced that are not captivating or entertaining but rather annoying. Positive: -Hank as awesome as ever. It never gets boring with him, even if he has waned a bit compared to the previous seasons -Charlie is and remains the man for the humor. Unbeatable from seasons 1-6. -As soon as Eddie Nero is there, it's really just awesome and immediately reminds you of the golden times from the 4th season. In the end, Californication is going downhill. The ingenious moments that made this series one are increasingly rare and thus it is also less and less entertaining. Seasons 5 & 6 are really disappointing compared to the first 4 seasons. It's only thanks to Hank's antics and Charlie's talent for getting into the hilarious situations that Californication stays entertaining. I'm curious what season 7 will bring. Hopefully a worthy end to this series. Although it doesn't look like it according to the signs.
Sex, drugs and rock'n'roll or just the dark side of Hollywood. That's what Showtime's drama series is all about. David Duchovny plays a sex-addicted screenwriter in L.A. His best friend is also his agent. There is an incredible amount of sex, drug scenes and many beautiful women. Sounds like porn, but it's not quite. It's about the problems and weaknesses of people. About friendship, jealousy and family. Different women appear in each season, which makes for variety. But the series also has weaknesses. The subject of sex addiction is never addressed. At most between the lines. That is a shame because it wastes potential. Why doesn't he go to a soul plumber? Why can't he be helped? He fucks, hurts his wife and daughter, smokes and cokes with stars and his friends and bangs another woman again. Strictly speaking, that's how it goes through the entire series. Then there is still success in the film factory. With time it gets very monotonous. Still, you want to know what happens next, because despite the shallow plot, this dramedy has great characters and snappy dialogues. The music is also another figurehead. The last season, on the other hand, is very tedious and worn out. Despite the criticism, it is a good series, but a little more depth and variety in the plot would have been good.
Very entertaining! Devoured the first 4 seasons and liked that particular sense of humor. After that, the series unfortunately waned.
One of the best series I've ever seen. Starts with 100% fun and quality and continues through all seasons. It's a roar from the first to the last episode, never gets boring and every minute of it is fun. An absolute must-see series.
Super series. I'm usually not one who likes to watch series. But the sarcasm and black humor that you find everywhere on Californication make the series extremely entertaining. The right mix between depth and pure entertainment is almost always achieved!
Rough, tragicomic masterpiece. Agent Mulder quickly becomes Hank Moody, the worn out author
One of the best series I've seen so far! To send a little damper in advance, it should be said that with 7 seasons there are of course some up-and-downs. For whom is the series interesting and an absolute must? All those who like puns and who are not directly ashamed of others when naked skin is seen (there are quite a few slippery scenes). Everyone who wants to be entertained by a typical "badass" and let themselves be drawn into the chaotic life of Hank Moody (David Duchovny). Watch the first episode - 1st episode gives the program of the series. Have fun watching it.
Californication is an absolute masterpiece for its genre. Some might say it's primitive, but it's just something different. It beats just about any norm and it's just hilarious. You just have to like Hank Moody as a person. A must for every series lover.
Season 1 was awesome, season 2 was good, season 3 an insult, season 4 was better than season 3. My conclusion: the series is unfortunately going downhill, hopefully after season 5 it will be over!
"Sex and the City for Men" is what it always says and I can only agree, this series is just great. Especially since it is not just as superficial as many always think. But if possible you should look at Californication in the original, because the German (albeit good) translation loses some of its wit and charm. But definitely one of the best in a long time.
The apparently sex addict Hank Moody can't get his life right and "drowns in a sea of ​​pussies". This series has a lot of black humor and inspires with a super acting Duchovny.
Californication Season 1 Wow, what a show, and even if the first season doesn't get the 10 yet and just misses the favorite, I have to say I'm blown away by Californication or better said by Hank Moody aka David Duchovny. A great character that is great embodied. Kudos to the scriptwriters who not only get everything out of Moody. You get everything out of everything. The show would only be a 5 if it weren't so well written. Technically, there were clearly better programs than those about the drinking author and his family. But that's probably what makes the show this imperfection about imperfect, I'm really looking forward to the following seasons.
I am Californian. The series about the totally depraved writer Hank Moody is gripping, wonderfully ironic and sarcastic, but also very tragic and the character of the main actor really goes to your heart and you can feel his pain. In addition, David Duchovny brings a really great acting performance. The series is about love, sex, drugs, sex, alcohol, sex, Hollywood, sex, literature, love, sex, Hollywood and SEX. Even in the first scene, Hank has sex, especially with the 16-year-old stepdaughter of his former partner and great love Karen. Of course, this later has serious consequences that Hank has to deal with. In any case, in addition to his nymphomaniac habits, his drug and alcohol addiction and his job, which is not too easy for him, he tries to be a good father for his daughter and to be happy with the love of his life Karen, Hank always manages to do it get her together, but he spoils it as always. Californication is one of the few series that is about a very tragic main character, but is told in a comedic way. Often a wonderful example of this sarcasm is a scene in which Hank is in church, speaking to Jesus. Then a nun comes up to him and gives him a blowjob. In my opinion, the series is the best comedy series there is to watch at the moment, the person grows really dear to you over time, it maintains the level over the seasons, deals with socially and culturally interesting topics and it is really fun Californication to look. So one of the series that you absolutely have to see.