What makes you weak

5 little things that make every guy weak

We all have to refuel in between - especially after a really bad day. Our partner is no different. And since love means that you enjoy the joy of the loved one and like to spoil them, we can be nice for a while.

And that doesn't have to be a big sketch or a mega act that we mean. There are so many little gestures and things that will make him feel good, better so that he can recharge his batteries with you (just like he does for you - of course!).

1. Seeking his closeness - just like that

Often we are totally stressed in everyday life and have no head for physicality. And they are so important. And nothing is more beautiful - we are sure just as much as our partner is - when you suddenly seek closeness to the other in everyday life. Be it that we lean our head against his chest or that we give him a brief hug. Helps always!

2. Show him that you are there for him

Nobody has to compete with their mother now, but men like to be looked after a little. So why not be nice when he's not doing so well, for example by bringing him his favorite chips or just ordering something from his favorite Italian restaurant and surprising him with it. Just to cheer him up and to show him, "I can see you're not doing well. I'm here."

3. Sometimes exchanging tenderness in public

Exchanging caresses in front of others does not mean falling on each other like you don't have a home. No, but just kiss him when you feel like it, be it with the in-laws over dinner or with friends in the bar. Take his hand, stroke his arm: Small, familiar gestures that show the whole world: We belong Together!

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4. Save him like Superwoman

Of course, if he gets one of these life-threatening colds for men, you are welcome to rescue him expertly. With vitamins en masse, cough drops, liters of tea and a lot of amore and encouragement.

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5. Send nice and dirty messages

If he is not there and you have to think about him, write to him. Everyone is happy about that. Especially when you really miss him. Such a little agitator WhatsApp message always puts the recipient in a good mood ... And if he is with you in a flash: all the better. An absolute win-win situation, isn't it?

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