Why is my ex following my Instagram

Ex boyfriend looks at your Instagram story- what does that mean?

The breakup is still quite fresh or has it been some time ago and your ex still keeps looking at your Instagram story?

Of course in these situations you brood and think about what that means.

Does he still have feelings for you that he is otherwise unable to show or is he even hoping to recognize a sign that you still have feelings? You definitely don't seem to be indifferent to him.

Isn't he as cool as he always seems?

Lately you have often wondered alone or with your friends about how cool he deals with the breakup and how little emotional chaos he seems to have, while you are often haywire.

Now, watching your story all the time doesn't necessarily mean that this coolness is real, but rather for the fact that he misses you a lot and is at least interested in your life.

He just seems to be waiting to learn something from your life and gratefully takes every opportunity, even if it's just the digital story. For men, cool is often just a facade that has to be maintained so as not to lose face in front of friends and those around you.

It may even be the ideal opportunity for him to find out how you are doing and what you are up to through your Instagram story, as he can follow this without talking to his surroundings.

The situation can stand for the most varied of feelings, but one thing is clear: there is not no feeling at all

Certainly we can not necessarily determine for the individual case which feeling is actually still present in your ex boyfriend, but if we honestly ask ourselves whether it is also possible that he no longer feels anything, then the answer isNo" very unlikely.

Instead, looking at your story suggests that you definitely still move him and that he has more than a small interest in your life. Whether it is still the love from the past or whether he longs for togetherness is certainly not 100% clear here. However, it is very clear that there are still feelings.

It is now up to you to find out what feelings these are, if it is of even greater interest to you.

The ball appears to be with him, but he may be too weak

If he's still interested in you, then the ball is definitely with him to get back in touch and try to keep that up, no matter where this leads.

However, in many cases his coolness still stands in the way and he will watch your story for months or years and wish that you would only get closer to each other. If you have an interest in it too, then maybe you should give it a nudge in the right direction.

Of course, we can continue to expect the men to try and ensnare us, especially when it comes to reestablishing a relationship, but a simple question how he is doing, which can then lead to the conversation, breaks us the princess crown.

Men are often not able to do this, because they are much more afraid of rejection and public ostracism by us and those around them if the contact does not work and the reaction does not meet their wishes.

You can also be teasing

Maybe you are still hurt by the breakup and still have the desire to get in touch again. Of course you don't want to ingratiate yourself and as already written, the ball of action is first of all up to him.

You can therefore also choose a somewhat teasing saying as a contact, such as,Do you like my story, don't you see it regularly? " If he is seriously interested, he will gratefully accept this too.

Still have feelings for your ex? You can't get it out of your head and you'd like to just want him around your arms again, as if you had never parted?

Now get your ex back without begging or being ridiculous!

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