What is the name of a female cat

Should it be a cat, or did you mean a male or female?

A cat should come into the house. Is it really a cat? Let's take a closer look, because the term cat sums up a species. He does not differentiate.

That means: This term is considered gender neutral. So let's ask the question again: Would you like to get a cat? Well, what kind of gender can it be? And now we come to the point.

While we humans don't overestimate the matter that much, at least not with animals. When it comes to people, the reference to the politically correct and gender-neutral spelling is often used. Those who do not adhere to it like to hear one or the other verbal distinction.

A predicate "stupid German" is still harmless. Back to the animal world. Evolution has made a difference in cats too. She assigned them genders. Fortunately, otherwise we could have saved ourselves this clever text.

While a male cat is a tom, the female cat is also called a female.

The male cat is known as a hangover. You don't have to think twice. But what about the female cat, the one that we commonly simply call cats, that is, choose the umbrella term?

That doesn't do justice to these creatures. And that is why the German language already uses the word "K├Ątzin" for exact differentiation and clear definition. So that is the correct name for the female cat.

However, this word is used very rarely, so rarely that rumors are even circulating on the Internet that the she-cat does not exist. But that is wrong.

Do you want to adopt a cat? Then the question arises: female or male?

Back to the question at the beginning of this effusion: Would you like to get a cat? That's fine. What should it be, a male or female cat. Hand on heart: Even the spell check of the clever text capture programs doesn't believe us. But it is true. Cat's word of honor.