Is aviation better than business hotel management

In just a few months, if everything goes according to plan, BER will take over Tegel's air traffic. This changes a lot, and not just in local public transport in Berlin. The hotel industry also had to adapt to the changes. A look at the houses around the new location in Schönefeld shows that the adjustments have already begun.

The Berlin city airport Tegel was and is an extremely bad option when it comes to a hotel room to be booked at short notice. Only the Accor Group operates a mid-range hotel on the site, a Mercure, within walking distance. There, for example, airlines book their cabin crew and business people who want to billet before and after a flight without any problems. Such a close hotel is a blessing, especially for early morning flights. Sometimes passengers end up there who have to change their plans at short notice due to flight irregularities.

The current hotel landscape around BER

All of this will now be shifted from October 31st - if all goes well - to the hotels around the new airport location in the south of the city. There are already quite a few houses to be found in Schönefeld and the surrounding area - and there will be even more.

While the Accor Group is currently only active with an Ibis Budget in an industrial park a little further away, Deutsche Hospitality in particular is spreading at BER. A Steigenberger hotel will open directly next to the airport driveway of BER Terminal 1. The building next to the airport parking garages in the inner ring of BER was even open for a short time, but was closed again because of the botched airport opening. At Terminal 5, the current Berlin-Schönefeld, there is already a house of the Intercity brand.

The International Hotel Group is also represented at the airport, albeit only with a Holiday Inn near the old airport. In addition, the Meininger Group is already represented with a hotel in the vicinity of the shuttle bus. Otherwise, the offer is spread over budget providers such as a bed & breakfast or various small, sometimes family-run hotels. Compared to Tegel, the offer is very good and those who want can even more or less stumble out of bed into the terminal.

Blue: existing hotels / gray: planned hotels around BER

Interesting entries from the company finder

Numerous new projects

Directly behind the Steigenberger, Dietz AG is building another house of the Intercity Hotel brand at the Schönefeld location. The Deutsche Hospitality hotel will also be located within walking distance of the main BER terminal.

The construction of a further hotel directly on the main terminal forecourt, known as the BER campus, is to begin this year. This means that the new Berlin airport will have three hotels with direct terminal connections.

The further hotel planning around BER is also interesting. In addition, another airport hotel will open at the Waßmannsdorf S-Bahn station, for example. It should be a business hotel. The Waßmannsdorf S-Bahn station is located exactly between the two Terminal S-Bahn stations. The hotel would therefore be attractive to all passengers.

In addition, the company Reiß und Co. is planning the development of a hotel directly at Terminal 5 (old Schönefeld). In the further planning a Marriott house of the Moxy brand is planned in the Gatelands Business Park, in the immediate vicinity of the existing Bed & Breakfast.

Overall, the hotel landscape at the new Berlin airport will be much more colorful than before. Both in terms of the offers within walking distance and the number of hotels within shuttle distance around BER and Schönefeld-old - the hotel situation at the new capital city single airport BER is getting better.

Hyatt, Hilton and Co. are missing

What is striking, however, is the lack of some well-known hotel chains at Berlin-Brandenburg Airport. For example, there are no Hilton, Hyatt, Radisson or NH hotels in the immediate vicinity of the airport. According to current information, only Marriott is planning to use the BER among the world's leading hotel chains.

This is unusual for a major airport, as the international chains are sometimes even represented by several branches in Frankfurt am Main, for example. Hilton has positioned around three hotels around the terminals. There is more to be found in the wider area. The situation in Frankfurt has also just improved significantly, especially due to the Gateway Gardens. This development area can even be reached on foot from Terminal 2.

It looks similar in Munich. Like Accor, Hilton is right at the terminal. Marriott represented with several hotels at least in the vicinity of the shuttle. A large selection of international business hotels is mainly concentrated around the hubs. In Berlin, however, they are missing.

But Hamburg and Düsseldorf airports can also boast at least a few large houses. There is a Sheraton Marriott hotel in Düsseldorf. In Hamburg, a little further away, Marriott is represented with a Courtyard. In the immediate vicinity there is a house belonging to the Radisson group.

All in all, there is a very good situation for passengers at BER, especially thanks to Deutsche Hospitality. The lack of the large international chains, apart from IHG (Holiday Inn) and the planned Marriott Moxy Hotel, is striking, however.

The big chains are well represented in Berlin, but in the city center. This suggests that the hotel industry does not expect a large number of business customers or even conferences to take place near the airport. Frankfurt am Main and Munich in particular remain very strong here. Anyone stranded at BER during the night due to a delayed plane will quickly find a hotel room in the immediate vicinity. From the walk to a short taxi ride to the expected hotel shuttles, there will be a large selection of many hotel categories.