Would Asian men go out with white women

Is love racist ?: "I'm not into black women"

Jordan is male, white and doesn't like black women. "I've slept with several black women, but I'm just not that into them," said the 25-year-old on the British TV show "Is Love Racist?". The Channel 4 show asked a piquant question: Is Jordan a racist because he finds black women unattractive?

Ten British singles - men and women of different ethnicities - were therefore tested to determine whether they excluded potential partners on the basis of their skin color.

The first attempt should clarify whether black and Asian singles are as successful as white people on the dating platform Tinder. The moderator Emma Dabiri and the sociologist Keon West showed the candidates different profiles. On a picture, the participants had to judge the attractiveness of a black man. “I don't find this man attractive. His nostrils are too wide, ”said one candidate. Another does not want to date the man because she likes bright eyes.

For the sociologist West these are sentences that reveal more about the candidates than a preference for snub noses and blue eyes: "Anyone who says that they do not find people with wide noses or dark eyes attractive expresses a clear preference for whites," explained he.

35 percent of whites don't want to date black people

The show followed on from a sociologist survey in which West asked 5,000 people about their dating habits. 35 percent of the white participants stated that they would never date someone with black skin. Only ten percent of the black participants could not imagine being with a white person. The investigation thus confirmed an evaluation by the online dating portal OKCupid. The network found that Asian and black men received less messages than white men. Black women were the least likely to be contacted.

The significance of the tests in the TV show varied greatly. Scientific nonsense, but good for the audience, was likely to have been the bikini experiment: men with perfectly defined muscles and women with model measurements presented themselves to the candidates who had to decide who they found most attractive