What is an agreement about living together

Partnership agreements

The cohabitation of a couple during the cohabitation can be regulated through a partnership agreement. Partnerships are not always permanent. Even if you want to protect yourself legally in the event of a separation from your partner, it makes sense to be able to fall back on a contract. In order to be able to prove agreements made, you should have one written Close a deal. Since binding agreements are made through written contracts, you should therefore not forego the conclusion of the contract for reasons of cost. You should entrust the drafting of the contract to a notary (→ ÖNK) or a lawyer (→ ÖRAK). Contracts are generally subject to a fee.

This page offers you a selection of areas for which contracts can be useful.

Sharing the cost of living

In a living community, the expenses for daily life are often unevenly distributed. In order to avoid problems between couples in advance, it is advisable to come to an agreement on the sharing of the cost of living.

Collaboration in the partner's company

If you work in the partner's company, it makes sense to conclude a service contract, then you will receive the collective wage for your work. Otherwise, you also have the option of participating in the business as a "silent partner".

Maintenance agreements

A maintenance agreement, e.g. in the event of a separation, can be concluded for a specific period. For example, it could begin on the first day of the month of separation and end when the child together has reached a certain age and the mother or father can therefore be expected to work again.

To draw up a maintenance agreement, contact a notary (→ ÖNK) or a lawyer (→ ÖRAK).


Please note, however, that no entitlement to a widow's pension can be derived from a maintenance contract concluded in a non-marital partnership.

Even if your partner is the victim of an accident, unlike the surviving spouse, you are not entitled to compensation from the person liable.

Right of residence

If one partner is the main tenant or sole owner of the apartment, it could be contractually stipulated how to proceed in the event of a separation. For example, it could be noted here when the ex-partner has to vacate the apartment in the event of a separation, or also whether things can still be stored while the apartment is looking for.

Powers of attorney

For certain situations, it makes sense for partners to grant themselves contractual powers of attorney. In this way, the partner can be given a power of attorney for a medical emergency so that he / she can make decisions about medical interventions, for example. A mutual care decree can be made for elderly couples, which the partner uses as an adult representative in the event of legal incapacity.

Powers of attorney can be used improperly. Think about all the consequences before granting your partner power of attorney.

Last updated: February 5, 2021
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