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31.08.2004 14:16

Microsystems for biomedical technology

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They enable quick and accurate diagnoses, support surgeons during operations and save patients longer hospital stays - microsystems are indispensable helpers for doctors and nursing staff in biomedicine. The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) supports this future field with its framework program "Microsystems". On September 23, four developments funded by the BMBF will be presented at the DGBMT annual conference at the Technical University of Ilmenau and future funding priorities in this area will be discussed.

In the LOMKAT project, a microsystem for position measurement in magnetic resonance imaging (MRT) is being developed. The system can detect the position of a catheter tip under MR imaging and thus enables precise navigation of the catheter during operations. The partners in the KOMED project, in turn, are devoting themselves to the development of a confocal microendoscope. With this, molecular structures and processes in living cells and tissues can be represented spatially in vivo (in the body) without having to take samples from the patient. This is important, among other things, in cancer diagnosis and therapy.

Telemonitoring can save the elderly and sick people longer hospital stays. A tiny sensor attached in or on the body measures blood pressure, body temperature or intraocular pressure and transmits the data via a telemetry unit directly to the general practitioner's practice, the clinic or the ambulance service. The technical requirements for this are being developed in two microsystem technology projects. At the center of the PeHeaMon project is a personal health monitor that records all connected sensor signals, processes them and forwards them to the doctor via a digital network. In the TEDIANET project, sensors are being developed for mobile remote monitoring of cardiological risk patients and for outpatient monitoring of patients with sleep disorders.

The workshop "Preventive MicroMedicine" concludes. In the framework program "Microsystems" of the BMBF, funding priorities for various fields of application are developed, coordinated with the specialist community and published. During the workshop, the experts will discuss a timely announcement on funding in the field of medical technology. The focus of the announcement will be the subject of "Intra- and extracorporeal long-term monitoring (> 24 hours) of cardiovascular diseases". In the lectures and the subsequent discussion the topic will be examined from all sides and further developed.

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