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Coronavirus: isolation and quarantine

What financial compensation will I get in the event of isolation / quarantine?

If you are in isolation because you are sick with the coronavirus and have been put on sick leave by a doctor, then you are entitled to continued payment of wages or daily sickness benefits. Continued payment of wages is regulated by the Code of Obligations (OR). Your employer is obliged to pay you your wages for at least three weeks. Many employers take out daily sickness allowance insurance so that they can pay their employees 80 percent of their wages in the event of longer absences due to illness. Find out from your employer and in your employment contract which regulations apply to you. If you are self-employed, the financial compensation depends on whether you have taken out daily sickness allowance insurance for yourself.

If you are in arranged quarantine because you have had contact with a person who tested positive, then you are entitled to compensation for loss of earnings. This entitlement exists if the quarantine was ordered by a cantonal office or a doctor. You can claim compensation from the compensation office to which your employer or you as a self-employed person are affiliated. Use the corresponding registration form from your compensation office. Note: It is possible that the cantonal authority cannot order the quarantine. In this case, you can still fill out the registration form. Please state that you have not been contacted by the cantonal office.

Further information on compensation in the event of loss of earnings can be found on the website of the Federal Social Insurance Office FSIO.

Information on quarantine after entering Switzerland can be found on the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

Medical certificate

Talk to your employer about when you need to submit a doctor's certificate. In the current situation, we recommend employers to be accommodating when requesting medical certificates.