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The 3 best family cars [guide]

In the past Vans as the perfect family cars that demanded a willingness to compromise in terms of appearance, but mastered a fully laden everyday life. It's different today. Combinations and especially SUV also offer one large trunk, often seven seats and lots of space. In response to this competition, vans got prettier. What they all have in common is that they combine lifestyle and practicality. Which models are convincing as a family car?

Checklist: family car

  • security (Euro NCAP, only 5-star ratings)
  • 5 to 7-Seats (Legroom)
  • Greater Trunk (from approx. 500 liters, expandable, suitable for the stroller)
  • more spacious inner space (Legroom, seat spacing)
  • Good Price-performance ratio (Features, convenience and savings)

Most important criteria for a family car


The most important factor that makes a model one of the best family cars is that Space. Is there a third row of seats? So Space for up to seven people? Is the Trunk big enough? Do I still have room to move when I am fully loaded? Can I get through everyday life with three children without having to lock one in the roof box?

It is the Trunk, the Legroom and the number of Seatswho turn a car into a family car. Regardless of whether it is a van, SUV or station wagon. Here are the best family cars with a large trunk.


Of course, the models also have to be safe. But one 5-star rating in the crash test is a compulsory exercise for modern cars from established manufacturers, so that the desired technologies in terms of automated driving or brake assistants have to be sought. So according to personal preferences.

Safe tires for a safe journey: High-quality tires are the basis for ensuring that all safety features in the car come into their own. Here is an overview of all the information about the best winter tires, you can get an overview of the best summer tires here.

Price-performance ratio

Personal preference. A good keyword. Because it also applies to price to consider. How much someone would like to spend on their personal best family car varies greatly from person to person. How important individual aspects are to a customer, how much he actually drives and whether it is Brand preferences there plays an important role. A good value for money is something different for every buyer, as the financial background and requirements differ. Certainly different requirements apply to a Mercedes than to a Kia.
If you are generally looking for cheap family-friendly cars, you will find the best family cars under 20,000 euros here.

child seat

The most important accessory for the family car is the child seat (here you can find the detailed Child seat guide). We recommend one so that you can keep an eye on the baby while driving Baby rear view mirror - Here's the right selection.
Finally, we compared three of the most popular child seat models:

Top product
Cybex Silver Solution X-fix, car seat group 2/3 (15-36 kg), with Isofix, Pure Black
Maxi-Cosi TobiFix, child seat with 5 comfortable sitting and resting positions + with ISOFIX, group 1 car seat ...
Britax Römer Reboarder child seat 0 - 4 years I 0 - 18 kg I DUALFIX 2 R car seat rotatable Isofix group ...
from 9 months to approx. 4 years
Fastening: Isofix or belt securing
possible with or without ISOFIX
Cybex Silver Solution X-fix, car seat group 2/3 (15-36 kg), with Isofix, Pure Black
Fastening: Isofix or belt securing
possible with or without ISOFIX
Maxi-Cosi TobiFix, child seat with 5 comfortable sitting and resting positions + with ISOFIX, group 1 car seat ...
from 9 months to approx. 4 years
Fastening: Isofix or belt securing
Top product
Britax Römer Reboarder child seat 0 - 4 years I 0 - 18 kg I DUALFIX 2 R car seat rotatable Isofix group ...
Fastening: Isofix or belt securing

Top family cars 2019/2020 (per class)

At this point are the three best family cars are exemplary presented. Important: This is of course not a definitive list. Depending on requirements, taste and financial possibilities, the selection of the best family car can vary. At this point we have from each segment - so SUV, van and station wagonthe most family-friendly car from the 2019 model year elected. So only newly introduced vehicles are taken into account.

The best family van: Mercedes B-Class

It's the star among the vans (attention, pun). Competitors like that Renault Espace, the VW Golf Sportsvan, BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer or the Ford S-Max are getting on in years. The Mercedes B-Class is simply by far the newest car in the van segment. But that's because Mercedes has approached the family car segment with the quality that is typical of the brand. Which of course also costs money, which is typical of the brand.

The Entry price varies between 28,143 euros (109 PS, gasoline engine, switch) and 41,132 euros (224 PS, petrol engine, dual clutch transmission). Regardless of which variant the buyer chooses, he gets a car, not just one 5-star rating in the Euro NCAP crash test received, but also performed exceptionally well in the detailed evaluations. This is how the organization awards 90 percent for the safety of the children, 96 percent for adult occupants, 78 percent for pedestrians, and 75 percent for safety assistance.

The only drawback: There is a third row of seats in the Mercedes B-Class, neither for money nor good words. Which is also due to the fact that the vehicle is more of a compact van. With 4.42 meters in length the B-Class is one of the short vehicles in the segment. After all, it offers a lush wheelbase of 2.73 meters, which is particularly beneficial for the rear passengers. So there is plenty of space for child seats.

in the Trunk is there a Storage space of 445 liters. Which is enough for everyday life, maybe also for a short vacation. The trunk has to make clear cuts here to ensure comfort at the front. Which is only consistent. You only go on a long vacation once a year, but every day to school, sports and shopping. Who leaves the children at home and who Rear seat folded down, at least it can 1,530 liters load.

Technical data: Mercedes B 160d

The best family station wagon: Kia Ceed Sportswagon

Kia offers with the Ceed Sportswagon a really large car with the latest safety equipment at a fair pricewhich makes this station wagon one of the best family cars of 2019. Depending on the engine and equipment variant, the oscillates price between 16,990 euros (100 HP, petrol, manual transmission) and 36,190 euros (136 hp, diesel, double clutch).

But there is a lot of car for the price. Between the two license plates are in total 4.60 meters. With a Load volume between 625 liters (five places) and 1,694 liters (folded rear seats) it offers plenty of cargo space for a station wagon. Also and especially with the rear bench seat folded up.

In matters security However, it should be noted that the Kia Ceed only got four stars in its basic configuration. Which is mainly due to the fact that the manufacturer wants to offer an inexpensive entry-level variant. If you want a Kia Ceed Sportswagon with a 5-star rating, you have to Order the security package (390 euros). Then there is 85 percent for the safety of the children, 88 percent for adult occupants, 68 percent for pedestrians, and 73 percent for safety assistance. If you do not take the safety package, the rating for pedestrian safety drops to 52 percent, which costs the fifth star.

Otherwise, Kia knows how to convince above all with excellent service. It is well known that the Koreans are the only brand to offer seven year (or 150,000 kilometers) guarantee.

Technical data: KIA Ceed SW 1.6 CRDI 115

The best family car SUV: Toyota RAV4

Sure, there is a lot of argument about heritage in the industry. But to say that Toyota invented the SUV segment is not far-fetched. Not only that. Toyota is also a leader in the manufacture of hybrid powertrains. And so it is no wonder that one of the most popular SUVs in the world no longer even has a diesel engine. The Toyota RAV4 is only available with Petrol engine or as Hybrid variant. Then the gasoline engine is supported by an electric motor.

Motorized in this way is enough Price range from 29,990 euros (175 hp, petrol, front-wheel drive, manual transmission) to 47,690 euros (222 hp, hybrid, all-wheel drive, automatic). Either way obligatory: One 5-star rating from Euro NCAP. With 87 percent for the safety of the children, 93 percent for adult occupants, 85 percent for pedestrians, and 77 percent for safety assistance.

This technology, combined with the very extensive technology packages, may make the Toyota RAV the most complete family car. Especially since it is in no way inferior to the other two in terms of dimensions.

A Length of 4.60 meters and a wheelbase of 2.70 meters are not only sufficient for comfortable space for the passengers, but also for a competitive one Trunk (580 to 1,690 liters). Nevertheless, the Toyota RAV4 is not one of the giants in the segment, which is why a third row of seats has to be dispensed with here as well.

Technical data: Toyota RAV4 2.0 4 × 2

The most important questions about family cars

Which is the best family car?

One of the most complete family cars is in our eyes the Toyota RAV4. One car, one large trunk, sufficient Space in the interior With Driving comfort and greatest possible security united. Leading in crash tests and therefore in terms of safety: The Mercedes B class. The Ceed Sportswagon is a little cheaper - but also a real one big car with very good safety equipment at a fair price. All other TOP family cars can be found in the above article clearly presented with all the details.

Which purchase criteria are important when buying a family car?

The Space available must be tailored to the number of family members - whether 5 or 7 seater is determined by the individual size of the family. Crucial for enough Knee / leg room is a wide wheelbase, on the subject security no way leads as far as possible 5 Stars at the Crash test over: at Euro NCAP crash test become all relevant Safety components independently checked.

Which is the safest family car?

The highest score for the point "Safety for children“Reached the Mercedes B class With 90% and a total of 5 stars (out of 5).

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