What are the advantages of ERP Solution

SAP ERP - how many advantages does the implementation bring?

How to optimize business with simple solutions

SAP ERP is the world's most popular integrated information system. As a leading provider of ERP systems for over 30 years, SAP has the most extensive range of functionality on the market to help companies make management decisions. Development orientation, flexibility and the possibility of adapting to the individual needs of the company make it the best commercially available ERP solution, the application of which brings a number of undeniable advantages.

The analyzes carried out by the SAP manufacturer and various market research companies show the average percentage increase in efficiency that companies experience after implementing SAP ERP, and the average waiting time for these effects. For example, the international organization of APICS (American Production and Inventory Control Society) points out the following results from the implementation of ERP:

- Sales growth of 16-28%
- Increase in productivity by 10-16%
- Reduction of the acquisition costs by 7 - 16%
- Reduction of inventories by 7-75%
- Improvement in quality control and significant reduction in production time

Hicron is one of the most experienced partners of SAP Polska who specialize in the implementation of SAP ERP, SAP industry solutions and the development of individual solutions that can be integrated with SAP ERP. Hicron supports international corporations (Volvo, MAN, AmRest Holding) as well as medium-sized companies with a wide range of services connected with SAP ERP.

Some of the business benefits from implementing SAP ERP most cited by companies include:

- Improvement of corporate governance through the possibility of an ongoing review of the use of corporate resources,
- Holding management with one system,
- Improvement of internal and external financial reporting,
- improvement of customer service,
- Improvement of the efficiency of the company's logistical processes, complex support of the functions of planning, procurement, inventory management, sales and distribution,
- SAP enables you to reduce the costs of procurement and cooperation with suppliers and increase the efficiency of inventory management in the company. SAP supports you in the optimal selection of suppliers and the type of delivery. The integration of the logistics processes within the IT system enables complete information on the availability of materials and the improvement of the handling of customer inquiries,
- the SAP system makes it possible to reduce the costs associated with the production of products by integrating the production measures within the company's logistic process in accordance with the MRP-II standards,
- SAP as an integrated information system enables access to information for the whole organization. This enables you to react quickly to signals from customers and to take concrete measures
- both internally and in consultation with the most important partners,
- The integration of all areas of the company enables a simple flow of information between people and improves work. The system user can move between the data entered by people from different departments within a report and is able to quickly access the source documents,
- Automation: Elimination of manual steps through the automation of the management and reduction of the workload for tasks of the individual employees,
- Simplification of the adjustment measures that are necessary as a result of economic changes in the country and changes in tax laws and other regulations,
- Increasing the IT system security of the company, optimizing the processes in the company.

Return on investment

For those who expect information about savings and income from the implementation of the IT system in their company, SAP Polska offers the use of a tool that allows to calculate the approximate return on investment in SAP ERP. The ROI calculation is carried out by studying the effectiveness of the company's activity, which results from its financial results. If you would like to take the exam and learn more about how it is conducted, please contact us.