Im 13 I am a millennial

: Millennial Generation


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But on the May 8, 1945 Chronos drew the line, closed the book and put it in the archive. The millennial Reich of the National Socialists had come to an end. In twelve years, three months, and eight days they had wreaked more harm on the earth than thirty-three generations in a thousand years. Comparative figures prove it.

The Spanish Inquisition fell 34 658 heretic to Victim. Over eleven million people lost their lives in National Socialist concentration camps. In other words: the Spanish Inquisition could have depopulated a city like Emden, while National Socialism could have put Sweden and Norway together. Unimaginable if the National Socialists had been in power for a thousand years according to the Gregorian time scale!

The second world war demanded 1,5 Millions of air war victims. In 1870/71 there were 28 278 Fallen counted on the German side, 1939/45 three million three hundred thousand, with all belligerents fifteen million.

German cities and villages were devastated in the Thirty Years' War. The damage done, however, bears no relation to the losses in value suffered by the German people in 1942 until 1945.

There is no doubt that the rulers really handled a millennial event in twelve Gregorian calendar years. Her wish to rule for a thousand years came true. Not in your sense, but in the sense of time.

So we lived through the millennial kingdom and became millennial in the process. I'm not 46, but 1046 Year old; mine in July 1933 born son does not count 13, but 1013 Years. What an embryo, in comparison, is the oldest person in the Bible, Methuselah!

4,481 days - twelve years, three months and eight Days - are a Nazi millennium. "The opposite is true a Gregorian year of the Hitler era in terms of content 83 Years, twelve days and eighteen hours. What in one such period before 1933 was done, the trio of Hitler-Göring-Goebbels finished in 365 days. Lays man of the time the yardstick of the millennial on, were in their age thirty-year-olds at the mother's breast, eighty-year-olds learned to walk, one hundred and fifty-year-olds learned to speak and spell five-hundred year olds.

The millennial empire has passed like a ghost. What was left is the chaos. For a thousand years the National Socialists wanted to turn the wheel of history forward. They tackled it the wrong way and sealed it backwards. So today we are in a time that we thought was far behind us. Have you ever heard of the time when cities were founded? We want to start there today. All you have to do is look out the window: the post has turned yellow again, as it was in Spitzweg's time, the police blue again and the factory in the harbor district red. No, this view backwards is not yet far enough. To the extent that the National Socialists did not rule forwards but backwards, they were in power not for a thousand, but even two thousand years. And the present time makes us feel what has been done to it by these time mathematicians. We live more primitively than people in the darkest Middle Ages and have become more humble than starving nomads without clothes and tents. The millennials taught us to vegetate. How should we get on again without the help of those who had no problems with our time? Sch – n