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Late paternity How long are men able to procreate?

Mick Jagger did it at 73, Peter Maffay at almost 70 and actor Anthony Quinn was 81 when his last child was born. From a purely biological point of view, this is not a problem, says Christian Leiber from the German Society for Andrology. As long as a man has healthy testicles and can ejaculate, he can theoretically father children. The question, of course, is whether you always have to do something just because you can.

One is the consideration when I strive for fatherhood at this age: What does that mean for me from my perspective? But of course also from the child's perspective. If I am striving for paternity at well over 70, then it is clear that, statistically, I will usually not see my child graduate from high school.

Dr. Christian Leiber - University Hospital Freiburg

Even if from the age of 40 the sperm quality decreases and the testosterone level drops, that does not mean the end. There is even a Guinnes world record holder, explains the specialist in men's medicine, Leiber: a man from Australia who had a child at the age of 92 years and ten months and who was even amazed by his late fertility. Leiber still knows a number of examples of extremely late fatherhood: Julio Iglesias Senior was already a proud 89 years old when he fathered a child, Charlie Chaplin 73, Pablo Picasso at least 68. The andrologist says about these cases:

I'll tell you, if I have the name Chaplin or Picasso, it might be something else as well. The children still benefit from it. But otherwise you have to consider whether paternity at that age is something you should strive for.

Age does not make contraception superfluous

Therefore, older men should think about contraception with very young women, because a kind of male menopause is a fallacy: "With women there is a very clearly biologically defined time window: They are born with a certain number of egg cells and this increases over time And you can really say that pretty precisely, around the age of 40 the egg reserve is exhausted. In men, on the other hand, spermiogenesis never stops. "

Risky dowry in sperm later fathers

However, older fathers also pose a certain risk to the child, explains the men's doctor Leiber. The older the man, the sooner the woman should, at best, be in her twenties so that the baby is safely born and healthy. There is clear data for this, says Leiber. And they show that fathers who are well over 50 are at higher risk "for certain genetic disorders, for prematurity, for low birth weight, possibly also things that are related to intelligence, so that there are negative effects can give". The risk of genetic diseases such as ADHD or autism is said to be slightly higher, and mental illnesses such as bipolar disorders or schizophrenia are also associated with the old age of fathers.