Separated couples usually break up

separation That's when most relationships break down

When do couples separate? American scientists have got to the bottom of this question. A sociologist at Stanford University set up a study to investigate how couples find each other and stay together. He found out that the "darn seventh year" is not the most dangerous, but the first year of the relationship! He asked 3,000 people for it, and a full sixty percent of the participants split up after just a few months. In the years that followed, the risk of separation fell by ten percent annually. However, only until the fifth year of the relationship, after which the likelihood of a relationship breakdown decreased more slowly.

Break up at Christmas time

But not only the duration of the relationship provides information about possible separations, the time of year also provides a clue. The statistics clearly get to the point: Most breakups happen in the spring around Easter and in the run-up to Christmas, usually just before Christmas Eve. If you look at the two periods, then the pre-Christmas period is probably the worse one, especially with a partner. Christmas is the Celebration of Love. A separation is therefore very negative. But a separation does not take place because of the many fairy lights, the mulled wine and the cookies, but the reason is much further back - Weeks or months or even years. The problems often peak during this time. Because at Christmas there are many expectations.

A big emotional issue is where and how to spend Christmas together. Which part of the family do you eat the Christmas menu with? The idea of ​​meeting your partner's family and relatives can also trigger stress and even lead to an argument. If the atmosphere is already tense, then it would be a good compromise not to spend Christmas in a family environment. A vacation together can save a lot. Surveys show that separations in the gray season are caused by falling in love again. With butterflies in your stomach, you imagine spending the Christmas holidays with your new loved one. Preferably in a romantic alpine hut in front of the open fireplace. The idea of ​​a perfect Christmas with a perfect partner can end in severe mood swings.

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Breakups in spring

Spring actually stands for onenew and fresh love. But this is often not the case. Many difficulties have accumulated, especially around Easter. During this period, many feelings break out, but unlike winter, there is no new lover or partner in the game in spring, studies have shown. Often the so-called spring fever arouse new emotions and desires for change. New plans for the future are being forged. Thoughts go around in the head as to whether the life partner still fits together with the goals set.

What about the rest of the year?

Summer is also critical - especially if you have children. The school holidays can be long and the vacation together can be exhausting. For example, it could happen that you and your partner cannot agree on a common goal. There are also spontaneous separations on Valentine's Day and April 1st. Often the reason is due to high expectations or inappropriate jokes. But the real cause of breaking up has been piling up for much longer.

No breakup happens overnight

Ultimately, there is no relationship that simply ends quickly just because the Christ Child is at the door or the Easter bunny is hiding the painted eggs. In order to experience the weeks in December and around Easter relaxed, you and your partner should be think about the relationship in advance. Is everyone ready to embrace the other's desires and longings? Discovering each other's feelings together can be wonderful and exciting.

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