Messmaedchen are new cops

US Virgin Islands prosecutors accuse Jeffrey Epstein of using two private islands in the US for the trafficking and sexual exploitation of young girls. Some of his victims are said to have been only eleven years old. Epstein acquired the island of Little Saint James in 1998, and later also bought the neighboring island of Great Saint James in order to hide his activities on Little Saint James from prying eyes, according to the indictment. The first reported the prosecution New York Times.

Epstein is said to have forced, imprisoned or raped minors into prostitution on the islands for almost two decades. According to the prosecution, Epstein once organized a search for a 15-year-old who tried to swim away from Little Saint James. Epstein then took the passport from the victim.

Many girls were therefore led to believe that they could be successful as models. According to the lawsuit, there was a list of underage girls in or near the Virgin Islands.

Epstein's 2008 conviction and detention as a sex offender in Florida reportedly had little impact on his activities. "Monitoring a convicted sex offender who owns private islands and has the money to fly in victims in helicopters and private jets is a particular challenge," the indictment said. Until 2018, a few months before his death, he is said to have abused girls here.

The American Virgin Islands see themselves as victims

Attorney General Denise George believes Epstein's activities have damaged the US Virgin Islands' reputation. "Today the Virgin Islands stand up for their own justice," she said when filing the lawsuit on Wednesday. Epstein's ventures have resulted in the U.S. suburbs being perceived as a retreat for human trafficking and sex crimes.

With the civil lawsuit against the late Epstein, the American Virgin Islands are therefore demanding his property as reparation. In addition to the two islands themselves, it is apparently about real estate and other goods worth more than $ 500 million.

Epstein had committed suicide in a prison cell in New York five months ago. The attorney who manages Epstein's estate has not yet commented on the allegations. The New York Times According to Prosecutor George, the lawsuit also wants to prevent Epstein's estate administrator from turning his property into a victims' fund. According to the prosecution, victims would have to keep silent about their allegations against Epstein in order to get money from the fund. Epstein's administrator denies that.