Why do people sleep together

Relationship: This is why we should sleep separately from our partner

The idea is romantic - going to bed together every evening and waking up together every morning. True to the motto: You are the last thing I think of before I sleep and my first thought when I wake up. Unfortunately, the reality is often different. Instead of loving waking up in the morning with long kisses, each other's alarm clock often throws us out of bed, even though we could have slept for half an hour. And we really needed it after the night he snored so loudly that we couldn't fall asleep. The initial infatuation is all too quickly replaced by a certain basic annoyance. Not to mention the idiosyncrasies that we develop in a long relationship. That is why it is all the more important to sleep separately from time to time in order to be able to look forward to each other again and to enjoy the time. We'll tell you what still speaks for the fact that you sleep alone a night from time to time.

1. Make sleeping together special again

Everyday life sometimes creeps in faster than you would have thought before. When we struggle out of bed in the morning, we are often so late that there is simply no time to cuddle with loved ones. And even in the evening we fall into bed dead tired and sometimes forget to appreciate the closeness of our partner. In order to be aware of what we actually have in others and to miss them again, it makes sense not to spend every night together.

2. Different habits

Not everyone is the same, and even if our partner is our soul mate, that does not mean that he may not have a different sleep rhythm than we do. Or he not only has different bed times, but simply needs less sleep. Perhaps he would also like to watch a movie before going to sleep, although we would rather relax and read a book. Or he has to get up earlier than we do because of his work. If we spend the night together every night, we often have to make compromises that can affect the quality of our sleep. That is why it is good to spend a night alone in between, in which we can go to bed as early and sleep as long as it is good for us.

3. Time for yourself

Especially when we live with our partner, time for yourself sometimes falls by the wayside. Because we share an apartment, there are always two of us - it can be refreshing to spend the night separately. We can use the time to talk to our best friend on the phone in the evening, read a book or apply a face mask. In short: just listen to ourselves and our needs again and do something good for us.

4. Escape from snoring

Even if he repeatedly asserts that he really doesn't snore at all - in this case we know better. Many of us know it: we have just fallen asleep only to be woken up by a loud snore. Not only that we could shoot the other person at the moon at that moment - we are above all missing valuable sleep. If we don't get enough sleep, it can have negative consequences, which is why we should be careful to get enough sleep. And when we are well rested because we slept alone last night, we no longer react so irritably to our partner's snoring.

5. Increase attractiveness

When it comes to sleeping apart from your partner, most people think that your love life has suffered as a result. But on the contrary: if we don't share the bed with our loved one every night, we look forward to each other all the more. The temporary absence increases our anticipation for the next overnight stay together and we can really appreciate the time and closeness together again. One more reason to go without your partner for a night in between.

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