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The 10 Best Nintendo Switch Games for Kids - How-To

The Nintendo Switch is a popular console for children as it can be used both at home on the TV and on the go. The choice of Nintendo Switch games ranges from Super Mario Party to Animal Crossing to Minecraft. There is a game for every gamer.

In our Checklist Find out everything you need to know about Nintendo Switch games for kids. We have a selection of great games for the Switch in our Product recommendations compiled.

Checklist for Nintendo Switch games for children

  • The recommended age always depends on the game. S.Games with scenes of violence or disturbing content are mostly grade 16 or grade 18. Basically it is Recommended age for using a Nintendo Switch is 6 years.
  • In general, parents can decide which games the children can play.
  • Especially at a young age, rules should be laid down as to how long and how often the console is used.
  • Games that are played online, should only reach a certain maturity of the child under supervision or not at all be played. So the danger of Cyberbullying or disturbing content bent forward.
  • The most popular game theme is this Super Mario Theme. In addition to Super Mario Party, Super Mario Kart and Super Mario Odyssey, there are many other games that are all designed to be child-friendly. Only the level of difficulty could be too high for young children.
  • Other popular games are the Animal Crossing series, the Legend of Zelda series, or any Pokemon game.
  • Before buying a game, it should be Child's interest be queried.
  • A Switch bag and protective film prevents scratches and other damage to the display and console.
  • SD cards increase storage space. For a wide range of Nintendo Switch games, a memory card is an advantage so that you don't always have to uninstall old games in order to install new games.
  • A Power bank and a USB charger ensure a full battery.

Recommended Nintendo Switch Games

Here you can find the top 10 most popular Nintendo Switch gamesn.

Just Dance 2021 - [Nintendo Switch]
  • Exercising has never been so fun. Start your own routine with Sweat Mode and stay motivated by tracking calories burned and time danced
  • It's most fun together. Dance co-op with your friends and combine your score to rule the dance floor
  • Enough is never enough. Get access to over 550 additional songs through Just Dance Unlimited, the dance-on-demand streaming subscription service. Each copy includes a free trial month
  • You're never too young to dance. The kids mode is individually adapted to the needs of young players. This special mode offers eight child-friendly songs for an entertaining dance experience especially for kids
  • Don't miss the seasonal events with great in-game challenges, time-limited free songs and a themed playlist
  • Collect cool stickers with the sticker album throughout the game
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe [Nintendo Switch]
  • With Nintendo Switch, fans of the definitive version of “Mario Kart 8” can drive exciting races when and where they want - even with up to eight friends in local multiplayer mode. "Mario Kart 8 Deluxe" includes all tracks and characters from the Wii U version as well as all tracks and characters that were previously only available as downloadable content.
  • In addition, a few new characters join the driving fun: the Inkling boy and the Inkling girl from Splatoon, King Buu Huu, Bone Dry and Bowser Jr.!
  • In addition, the battle mode has been revised and can now also come up with balloon battle and bob-omb throw, with new routes such as Dekabahnstation and Kampfarena and recurring routes such as Luigi‘s Mansion from Mario Kart: Double Dash !! for the Nintendo GameCube and Fighting Course 1 from Super Mario Kart for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.
  • Target group evaluation: Approved without age restriction
Super Mario Odyssey [Nintendo Switch]
  • Experience a massive, global 3D adventure with Mario and use his incredible new skills! Collect moons to fuel the airship and save Princess Peach from Bowser, who is planning a marriage!
  • Target group evaluation: Approved for ages 6 and up

The bestsellers of the Nintendo Switch games

The most beloved Nintendo Switch games we have put together for you in this bestseller list.

1Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury [Nintendo Switch] 44.99 EURBuy here
2Ring Fit Adventure - [Nintendo Switch] 69.99 EURBuy here
3Animal Crossing: New Horizons [Nintendo Switch] 45.99 EURBuy here
4Super Mario Odyssey [Nintendo Switch] 46.99 EURBuy here
551 Worldwide Games [Nintendo Switch] 29.99 EURBuy here
6NEED FOR SPEED HOT PURSUIT REMASTERED - [Nintendo Switch] EUR 26.99Buy here
7Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze - [Nintendo Switch] 49.99 EURBuy here
8Nintendo Joy-Con set of 2, blue / neon yellow 62.99 EURBuy here