Who designed the flag of New Zealand

New Zealand flag

Even after the New Zealand flag appeared, its colonial past was revealed. The Union Jack flag in the upper left corner and the blue flag background underscore the historical ties with Great Britain. Four red stars with a white frame symbolize a constellation of the Southern Cross that dominates the sky there. The same motif can be found on the Australian flag, which highlights the geographical proximity of both countries in the Pacific. Officially, the blue color is the expression of the blue sea and clear skies around New Zealand. The flag was adopted on March 24, 1902, but was designed as a naval flag as early as 1869.

Country information

Country codesNZ, NZL (ISO 3166-1)
Official nameNew Zealand
member ofUnited Nations, Commonwealth of Nations, Pacific Community
population4 961 213 (2020)
total area270 467 km2
The highest pointAoraki / Mount Cook (3 724 m, 12 218 ft)
Deepest point-2 m (-7 ft)
GDP per capita$ 41 945 (World Bank, 2018)
currencyNew Zealand dollar ($, NZD)
Phone code+64
Internet TLD.nz

Location of the country