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21.06.2017. Zadie Smith considered for Harper's Dana protection'Painting "Open Casket" and wondering if their children black enough are. In the Berlin newspaper seeks Dirk Baecker a way out of the crisis of democracies. Today will look after the Speech of the Queen in front of the British Parliament show whether Theresa May can govern - the Brexit decision appears to be FAZ as the highlight of one long crisis. And the documentary is running "Ostracized and chosen" in the ARD. The institute has not spoken to him for six months, complains the filmmaker Joachim Schröder in the FAZ.
Ivy - The Kulturrundschau from 21.06.2017 can be found here


These are historic moments for Britain, writes FAZ-Correspondent Jochen Buchsteiner before the Queen's speech in front of Parliament today, given by Theresa Mays weak majority could be voted down by the British Parliament (May's resignation could be loudpolitico.eu be the result). "The referendum that was held exactly a year ago was less the beginning of the crisis as their accelerator. It was 'lost' because many Britons used it as an opportunity to express their long-pent-up dissatisfaction with the 'establishment'. This is based on developments that Decades before started with the 'Big Bang' of London's financial world in 1986, perhaps as early as 1979 when Margaret Thatcher took office. "

in the Guardian a paper by Labor MPs will be published (in the event of May's vote being defeated?)soft Brexit"and staying in Common market demand.

Benas Gerdziunas and Georgia Littlechild pose in a photo report for politico.eu the NGO "Addiopizzo"before that Palermo and wants to make Sicily mafia-free by supporting shops and restaurants that no protection money ("Pizzo") to pay the Mafiosi: "The work of Addiopizzo is a blow to the country's underground economy, which, according to a report from 2008, brings the Mafia around 15 billion euros a year. Di Giacomo, one of the bosses of Coasa Nostra, who is in prison has publicly complained about Addiopizzo ... With EU money, the organization also opened a travel agency that Guided tours free of protection fees through Sicily. "
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Zadie Smithdiscusses for Harper'sJordan Peeles Film Get Out, a horror comedy about black identity and black people's fears of whites, and she introduces herself with her children Dana protection'Painting "Open Casket", which was attacked because a white artist "culturally appropriated" the suffering of a black woman (our summary). "I turn from the painting to the kids. Your beloved father is white, I'm mixed, that's why they are by the old racial criteria of America 'Quadroons'. Are they allowed to make black suffering the subject of their art if they ever become artists? Her grandmother is 'black as ace of spades', as the British said, her mother is what the French call café au lait. You yourself are somehow yellowish. When exactly hears black sorrow on to affect them? Her grandmother - who grew up in extreme poverty on a post-colonial island and was a descendant of slaves - knew black suffering well. But her grandchildren see whiteout. Is it you?"

In the FAZ Kolja Reichert talks to the American artist Sam Durant, who guiltily consented to the burning of his own sculpture after the Dakota accused him of cultural appropriation: "I got through the experience a better understanding of white privileges won. "

The way out of the Crisis of Democracies runs neither left nor right, but between the two positions, says the sociologist Dirk Baecker in conversation with the Berlin newspaper. Can help to find this way the bureaucracy: "In the past decades we have managed to let economic processes take the lead in the implementation of new technologies. We have to correct that now. The bureaucracy is at least so error-free like the market. It therefore makes no sense to discuss questions of eGovernment from the point of view of reducing bureaucracy. It would make more sense to write and thus Tending to be competent and controllable file management, of which Max Weber spoke, to reinvent under the conditions of the electronic media. As I said, we have to strengthen the middle so that good issues can be presented to the electorate for decision-making above and below. "

Well, if there was a "generally competent" bureaucracy, one could make friends with Baecker, but the reaction of the SPD and CDU to that Cum-ex scandal - Banks, stock market traders and lawyers were able to illegally fatten themselves for decades with billions of the German taxpayer - make you doubt your competence. More about the Federal government acquittal for himself at FR and Zeit online.

Also: In the NZZthinks Rainer Paris about the metaphor "suspended" to. Götz Alydefends in his column for the Berlin newspaper the historian Jörg Baberowski, to which even right-wing extremists are now assumed.
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Daniel Dettling from the Berlin office of the Zukunftsinstitut sums up the NZZ the results of his study "Next Germany: Departure into the new we-society "together. His conclusion:" Germany is lacking a unifying one positive image of the future. The polarization of the worlds of values ​​is well advanced. On the one hand there is the left story of the open, multicultural, solidary world society, on the other hand the right story of the closed, identitarian nation-state. Both models fail on the complexity of today's society. "


Heiko Maas will probably still deal with the Network Enforcement Act (NetzDG) ​​can adopt from the legislative period, presumed Peter Weissenburger in the taz. The law will only be in next week badly weakened Form to be voted: "In a Expert hearing In the legal committee of the Bundestag on Monday, however, with eight out of ten invited experts, an overwhelming majority spoke out against the law Time onlineDietmar Neuerer summarizes the arguments against the law again.


In addition to the "Network Enforcement Act", the Bundestag wants the "most blatant surveillance law of the legislative period ", warns Andre Meister in Network policy: "the massive use of State Trojans. In the case of a long list of criminal offenses where a telephone could previously be tapped, the police should be able to infect smartphones and other devices with malware in the future. ... As the document is not yet publicly available, we are publishing it in full text. To better visualize the differences, we have created a colored diff. Accordingly, the parliament has adopted the government's proposal almost one-to-one. Next cosmetic changes there are a few new paragraphs to limit the time of the messages intercepted via source TKÜ. The fundamental problems remain untouched ".


After some back and forth (our summary) the anti-Semitism documentary "Chosen and marginalized" is running Joachim Schröder and Sophie Hafner tonight at 10:15 p.m. in the ARD. Arte has joined the broadcast. After the film is to be discussed at "Maischberger" - Schröder fears him FAZ-Interview with Michael Hanfeld a "Show Tribunal"Against his film:" Neither have spoken for six months WDR still Arte with us. Instead, the WDR for two weeks about alleged defects of the film. One Fifteen-question catalog of WDR We had to answer the film within three days last week. That too went unanswered. I am considering disclosing the catalog with our answers. We have nothing to hide. "

The program "Maischberger" now has the Discussion guest listannounced, which only starts at 11:45 p.m. Invited are Michael Wolffsohn, historian, Norbert Blüm, CDU politician, Ahmad Mansour, psychologist, Gemma Pörzgen, journalist, Rolf Verleger, former member of the "Central Council of Jews in Germany" and Jörg Schönenborn, WDR-Television director. The filmmakers are apparently not allowed to express themselves - and although Arte probably also sends the discussion, will french aspect not reflected in the guest list at all - by the way, the broadcast of the film begins at Artetime shifted not until 11 p.m.

That yourself Arte is now following the broadcast of the film, reported among other things Telerama. Art-boss Alain le Diberder, which is quoted in the article, had no other choice. But he sticks to his accusation against the film and at the same time rejects the Criticism of censorship back: "It's just about Steadfastness: If the work that is delivered to us and even if it is from Arte was produced and financed, does not correspond to the order, then we will not send it. Also and especially when we have the feeling that someone wanted to tie our hands by being in front of us accomplished fact represents. "
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Opened on Friday Seyran Ates in Berlin the liberal Ibn Rushd Goethe mosque. Since then, not only have radical Muslims rushing, but also Turkish media against the mosque, report on Spon Maximilian Popp and Anna Reimann. Your absurd accusation: the house of prayer is a Gülen project. This claim was made by the private broadcaster Ah but, "Turkish media close to the government took up the contribution: Sabah, one of the largest newspapers, headlined: 'Men and women pray in Feto Church'. The tabloid Takvim reported under the heading 'Gulen heresy'Applause from Israel'. The Gülenists in Germany distorted Islam according to their 'own perverse views', wrote the daily star. ... Ates suspects that the Turkish side, who practiced in the mosque, was concerned Fight against liberal interpretations of Islam. 'But they don't get us on the rails. That is why we are placed under Gülen connections to declare that we are terrorists who have been cleared to be shot down, 'said Ates. "

On Time online Canan Topçu is somehow disappointed that the Muslim counter-terrorism demonstration, to which Lamya Kaddor had called, so few people came. But she didn't want to take part either, she explains snuffily:We as Muslims should visibly and audibly meet the expectations of the majority society. I want to be a Muslim though not justify. Because for me as a person it is natural to reject violence and murder. If Muslims do not distance themselves from violence in the name of Allah, that in no way means that they approve of Islamist terrorist activities. We have to convey that to the people in this country and elsewhere. "At a demo, perhaps?

In the world Dirk Schümer can no longer hear these attempts at distancing himself: "Most of the people who immigrated to Europe from China and Vietnam, South America or India also follow some form of religion, but there is one too ostentatious fasting or autistic dress codes Most of the time no problems at all. The question of whether Sikhism, Buddhism, Confucianism or the voodoo cult belong to Germany is not nearly as painful as it is with Islam, because its followers, whether at school or at work, follow their respective religions much smoother harmonize with the needs of an enlightened society. "