Would you please describe a typical working day

The job interview for the apprenticeship:
Industry, company and course of training

After the typical day-to-day work in the company, you could ask the interviewer yourself at a suitable point - unfortunately, they have now got ahead of you. The scenario: You have gotten used to the familiarization phase, are well integrated and fully accepted as part of the team. What could your daily routine look like?

Questions about the industry, company and training course in the interview

"What do you think your typical working day could look like with us?"

Personnel managers want to find out one thing above all else during an interview: Do you fit into the company? If your ideas of a typical working day match reality, that is already a big plus for you. Because not only do you have similar ideas to the company, you also show that you have already given a lot of thought. Always a good sign!

What is important?

Do not rely on your imagination; combine professional knowledge with your basic knowledge of work organization. What tasks usually arise, how could you divide your daily workload sensibly? In office jobs, for example, it is advisable to first do light routine tasks such as email traffic to “warm up” in the morning: Many people do not reach their first biorhythmic performance peak until late morning. Refer to the concrete operational reality.

Example answer (grocery retail)

"Hmm ... that depends on the department I'm being assigned to. At the moment I imagine it to be like this: When I come, I first put on my work clothes and let my manager know that I'm there. He will then probably tell me which tasks are currently occurring - if I don't know myself yet. In the morning you have to make sure that everything is in its place when the shop opens. Fruit and vegetables, for example, are safely delivered fresh every day. You probably have to keep an eye out for the whole day that the department is clean and tidy, that no expired goods are on display and that missing products are replenished. And of course you also take care of the customers. Maybe I can order goods myself. If I didn't know what to do next, I would ask my manager. I think that there are special features in every department that you have to pay attention to. "