How do we overcome difficulties in life

Learn from difficulties

Last update: November 15, 2016

There can be sad occasions in our lives that cause us suffering or test our optimism and desire to live. But the secret is knowing how to face these adversities. It's also about understanding how these things affect us and how we can deal with them. We cannot let them paralyze us or take away the courage to live.

We have all seen that there are people who sink into sadness in the face of negative situations and that there are others who show their strength and their will to live despite the harshness of the situation. From these people, resilient people, we can learn how to avoid negative situations from paralyzing us.

When it is not in your hands to change a situation, you can always change the attitude with which you face it.

Frankl Viktor

The power of resilient people

Resilience is the ability to confront difficult situations, to overcome them and to emerge from them strengthened. It is a skill that not everyone has, but one that can be learned and developed.

A resilient person is not born, but made. These are often people who have had accidents, who have suffered and still get stronger every day. They teach us a lesson of courage and overcoming.

There are only two ways to live your life. One is to assume that nothing is a miracle. The other that everything is a miracle.

Albert Einstein

Resilient people are very aware of their strengths and weaknesses. This knowledge of themselves allows them to develop realistic plans to achieve their dreams and make them come true.

They are creative people who have learned to get up when they fall, to see the positive side of every situation without becoming discouraged and hopeless.

6 tips to overcome difficulties

The death of a loved one, the end of a relationship, the loss of a job, the illness of a friend ... these are all situations we are likely to find ourselves in at some point in our lives. Nevertheless, we can influence how we feel in these moments and how we act. Here we suggest 6 tips on how to overcome difficulties and make your day more positive:

Accept difficult situations

We are going to have to deal with many complicated circumstances in our lives and one of the most important things is knowing how to deal with them and what creates them. Accepting difficulties doesn't mean you can't be sad or frustrated. You have to let your emotions in, but not allow them to dictate your day.

To do this, you can cry, but then it is wise to focus on other tasks that require your attention. That way, your negative thoughts won't come up over and over again. Go out, run, read ...

Move your body and mind

Mental health depends as much on how you train your brain as it does on how you train your body. So learn, read, study, don't stop being curious, make your brain work. And move your body too, run, swim, ride a bike. Whatever you like but keep moving.

Do what you feel most passionate about

Surely there is something you always wanted to do. Study a particular subject, dance, sing, write ... It is time to do this and feel that you are the one making the choice. That you are the one who holds the reins of life in your hand to enjoy it to the fullest.

Enjoy the joy of traveling

Travel is a learning process. It's not about visiting a place. It's about letting yourself be filled with sensations, the smells and the colors of the place you are visiting. From people's smiles, the landscapes, and travel also means learning to see the world through different eyes. So if you have the opportunity to travel, then travel. Go out to get to know and feel the world.

Talk to someone

If something worries you a lot, try talking to someone, a friend, someone in your family, your partner. Share what scares you, what harms you. In many cases, a bystander can help you get a more objective view of things, see things a little more globally. If necessary, you can get help from a psychologist who you can talk to about any worries you may have.

Learn from the bad things in life

Accidents can teach us to appreciate things that we previously took for granted. They teach us lessons that we should learn and never forget.

If you are having trouble seeing the lesson in a particular situation, speak to someone so you can see things more objectively. Change your point of view.

One day you will fall on your face; you will arrive in this limiting situation and that is where your personal revolution begins.

Walter Riso