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Bleaching & lightening hair with home remedies

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At the Hair bleaching many think directly of platinum blonde or trendy pastel hair. However, these complete changes for the hair are not really healthy. If you like it more natural and just want to set gentle highlights, ours are ours Home remedies for hair lightening just right for you. As if kissed by the sun and without any chemicals.

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An estimated 50 percent of women in German-speaking countrieschange permanent or occasionalYour hair color. TheHair bleaching is in many cases therequirementto be able to apply a new color. Hair bleaching can also be used to change the shade of the natural hair color according to your own ideas. The gentler the procedure, the more disadvantages for the hair are avoided. For this reason, home remedies are a very good alternative to chemical products.

Lighten hair: these home remedies work

1. Lighten hair with chamomile

With chamomile you can lighten your hair. Good results can be achieved especially in the case of blonde hair. Camomile gives dark hair a Gold or red shade. Put seven bags of tea in one liter of water and bring it to a boil. Then wash the hair and use the chamomile tea as a rinse.

Do not rinse off the tea or dry your hair with a hairdryer, only in the sun. Depending on the length of the hair and the heat of the sun, drying takes time between 30 and 120 minutes.

2. Bleach hair with lemon

lemon contains a relatively strong acid, so you can bleach hair of any color. Even colored or tinted hair is lightened. The effect is less than that of commercial drugstore products, but still remarkable. If the hair is already dry, brittle, and damaged, then you should have the hair do not bleach with lemon. Citric acid is relatively aggressive and could damage the hair further. The number of lemons you need depends on the length of your hair. There are between three and ten fruits required.

Potentially harmful: The citric acid lightens the hair, but also attacks it. Only use lemon on healthy hair. You can also use the home remedy to lighten body hair. Arm hair or a fluff of the upper lip will become lighter as a result.

Squeeze the lemons and collect the juice in a bowl. Then massage the lemon juice into your hair. Your hair should be wet so that the juice is better distributed and absorbed. A comb and spray bottle can help to distribute the juice. The hair must now air dry in the sun.

3. Lighten hair with honey

Also withhoney you can lighten dark hair. Black hair does not make blond hair, but it does a shade lighter. The advantage of this method is that gentle way. Mix two tablespoons of honey into a commercially available hair conditioner. If the honey is not runny enough, you can heat it up beforehand. So it can be mixed better. However, the honey may only be heated to a maximum of 40 degrees Celsius, otherwise the required active ingredients will be destroyed.

Now distribute the hair mask as evenly as possible in the hair. With help of a Towel and cling film you then create the ideal conditions to let the honey take effect. The hair is wrapped in the foil and wrapped in a towel. The heat builds up, which is a desired effect. The hood can over night remain on the head, this increases the effect.

4. Light strands from salt

You can bleach blonde hair in particular with the help of salt. The natural remedy pulls the color out of the hair, which is why people who like and often stay in sea water, have lighter hair than other people. Mix water with coarse salt and massage this mix into your hair. Then let the hair dry in the sun. One disadvantage is that salt is damaging to the hair. It dries out the hair, so it shouldn't be used too often. In general, you need to take extra good care of your hair when you bleach or dye it.

5. Baking soda and rhubarb as bleach

When you put your hair on uncomplicated way want to lighten then is baking powder a good choice. The agent is mainly used when a previous hair color has become too dark. The same effect continues with rhubarb a. You will need three handfuls to bleach the hair finely ground roots of the rhubarb plant. You can find this product in the pharmacy to buy. Use the roots, a squirt of lemon juice and three squirts of olive oil to make a paste-like mass. Massage the mixture into your hair and wrap it with cling film and a towel. The Bleach needs to act for 40 minutes.

Lightening hair naturally: the benefits

Using home remedies when bleaching hair saves nerves and money. A classic application at the hairdresser's costs between 30 and 90 euros. When bleaching is Hydrogen peroxide used, which must not be used in too high concentrations. The bleaching powder contains ammonia and persulfates. Although bleach is not gentle on the hair, home remedies do contain less risks and can therefore be used as a good alternative. It is also less complicated to use because there is no need to go to a hairdresser.

Hair bleaching is possible at home with chemical agents, but not recommended without restrictions. If the wrong concentration is applied or the exposure time is too long, it can lead to Hair loss or damage the scalp. The options are limited with home remedies, so some procedures have to be repeated, but it is easier to use than chemical agents because there are fewer risks.

How do I go about bleaching my hair in general?

Do you choose that Whitening at the hairdresser's, then this is most likely with dark hair Proceed step by step. First of all, he can use a mild bleach and use a classic bleaching agent at a later session. It is also possible first of all to bleach individual strands. The lighter the initial color of the hair, the easier and faster the process is. Your hairdresser stops for you Tips for caring for your hair ready, as these are stressed by dyeing, tinting and lightening.

He recommends the appropriate shampoo for you right hair treatment for your hair type and all other required products. If you are using home remedies, first apply a small amount of the remedy and test the result. This can differ from the desired color in individual cases, but this is also possible with chemical agents for hair bleaching.

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