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2 CONTENTS 16 Getting fit in the morning: No breakfast without fruit and vegetables 22 Please move: People with heart and diabetes benefit from DAK courses 27 Cases of fraud: Tracking down incorrect billing HEALTHY LIFE 6 PORTAL Fit in your head: why a youthful attitude towards life is so important 8 FINALLY SUMMER Enjoy the hot months without side effects 16 BREAKFAST IS READY! Instead of honey and liver sausage: new recipe ideas with fruit and vegetables 18 BERRIES QUIZ Test your knowledge of the vitamin-rich little fruits 19 LIFE ADVICE You ask, DAK experts answer. This time: Go swimming in old age = our cover topics WELL SUPPLIED 4 TEST WINNERS The expert editorial team of FOCUS-MONEY has awarded the DAK the title of best customer 20 NEWS Money back for pensioners who are still gainfully employed DAK Care Day in Berlin 22 DAK MOVEMENT COURSES Successful offer for heart and diabetic patients 27 BLACK SHEEP Fraudsters in the health care sector: The DAK covers 28 SOCIAL ELECTIONS 2011 Gerald Weiß, the federal election commissioner, visits the DAK board of directors 30 DAK-ONLINE-SOMMER Good- Mood tips on the Internet 8 Cover story THE BIG SUMMER ABC How summer is beautiful How to enjoy the warmth, take a relaxed holiday and slowly get a healthy tan: valuable tips from A to Z to win A wonderful beach chair for your holiday at home 2 DAK MAGAZINE fit! 2_2011


4 well cared for We are test winners FOCUS-MONEY Confirmed after FOCUS-MONEY: is the DAK DAK is the best fund in every phase of life The independent consumer magazine Guter Rat also tested and made the DAK the test winner. which offers the best services for my personal situation? An understandable question, after all, 111 statutory coffers are open to the general public. The offer is great. For this reason, the DAK regularly faces the judgment of independent experts. She once again took part in the FOCUS-MONEY cash register test, in which Germany's cash registers are put to the test in cooperation with the German Finance Service Institute (DFSI). The result (published in the Health Insurance Guide of the 22/2011 edition): The DAK is the best insurance company for young professionals, families, singles, active older people and senior citizens. You can be sure: your cash register is great. 4 DAK MAGAzin fit! 2_2011

5 FOR PROFESSIONAL BEGINNERS The DAK has very good offers for everyone who wants to get started in their training. At FOCUS-MONEY she was the test winner for young professionals. For example, the experts found the DAK offers for outpatient operations to be excellent. Also great: the online coaching programs and the free medical hotline. And: DAK customers are entitled to tried and tested naturopathic methods such as acupuncture and heat therapy. FOR CAREER SINGLES You are heavily involved in your job and are particularly committed to your goal of health. If the worst comes to the worst, go straight to a specialist. The DAK supports you in finding a specialist, as well as in arranging doctor's appointments. The DAK also helps if you want to secure a medical diagnosis with a second medical opinion. According to FOCUS-MONEY, the DAK is a real top fund for managers. FOR FAMILIES So that the children's years are a wonderful lifetime, the DAK supports families with a wide range of offers: Pregnant women can receive comprehensive support within the DAK specialist network. There is an exclusive reminder service for the many check-up appointments at the pediatrician, and if a parent has to go to the clinic themselves, the DAK provides household support. FOCUS-MONEY judges: test winner! FOR ACTIVE ELDERLY The DAK is recommended for people who want to actively shape their old age. Doing sports again after a long break? The experts from the DAK sports medicine hotline will advise you at any time. Solve a health problem quickly and safely? The DAK specialist network ensures that all treatment steps are perfectly organized and coordinated with one another. For FOCUS-MONEY, the DAK has the absolute top position for active older people. FOR SENIORS A long, healthy life DAK customers can feel well looked after. Patients with chronic diseases benefit from the DAK health programs for asthma and COPD, diabetes mellitus type 1 and type 2, coronary heart disease and breast cancer. The DAK is always there for you. If necessary, a personal health advisor will accompany you through all steps of a treatment. FOCUS-MONEY judges: With the DAK at their side, seniors are well equipped. Read more about the DAK's performance in expert exams: PHOTOS: SAM EDWARDS / OJO / PLAINPICTURE, DAK DAK MAGAZIN fit! 2_2011 5

6 Live healthily stay young longer At 66, that's when life begins ... Anyone who thinks like this has already won. Because if you feel younger in old age, you stay fit longer. Listening to music at the touch of a button, surfing the Internet, going to the cinema regularly - none of this is a privilege of young people. According to a study by the Max Planck Institute for Human Development, people over 70 feel an average of 13 years younger than they really are. Older study participants, women and men, found the perceived age difference to be even greater. Psychologists suspect that self-assessment of age has an influence on life satisfaction. US researchers at Purdue University in the state of Indiana go one step further: They see a connection between positive self-perception and maintaining mental abilities. Because those who feel younger also have greater confidence in their own mental fitness and thus prevent mental decline. So put on your headphones, turn on the music and enjoy life! Feels like age: A good incentive is the desire to keep up with young people 6 DAK MAgAzin fit! 2_2011

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8 HEALTHY LIVING THE BIG BIG The outdoor season has finally come: We spend a lot of time outside, relaxing in the garden, having a barbecue with friends or relaxing on vacation. EVERYDAY LIFE When the sun is shining, the mood rises. Fired on by light and warmth, the body produces more happiness hormones. But when it gets too hot, it's easy to feel tired. It is important to drink enough. Room warm water and juice spritzers are ideal. You will also get going more easily if you let cold water flow over your wrists and forearms; this will give your body additional support. But what if the sun is on vacation somewhere else, it's cool and it doesn't stop raining? Exercise in the fresh air, even when it rains, helps counteract sensitivity to weather. Anyone who deliberately directs their gaze to the beautiful moments will not be easily beaten even by cloudy days. B LEGS Excessive heat makes the legs swell. If you can, put your feet up in between. This makes it easier for the veins to transport the blood back to the heart. Cold showers also provide relief. Pleasant: roll a chilled bottle from bottom to top over your stressed legs. Roll your feet from your toes to your heels several times during long car journeys. Take a break at least every two hours: stretch yourself and run in place, this will improve blood circulation in your legs and get your circulation going. C CHLORINE WATER Sun and chlorine dry out the hair. So that it survives the outdoor swimming season brilliantly: it is best to moisten your hair in the shower before bathing, then it will not absorb as much chlorine later. Put a little oil on the tips to protect them. Don't forget to rinse your hair well after bathing. D DIAGREAID In summer, bacteria usually cause diarrhea: Salmonella, Campylobacter and E. coli can be found in ice cream, eggs, mayonnaise or meat that has been cooked too short. Diarrhea is a protective function of the body. Medi- 8 DAK MAGAZINE fit! 2_2011

9 summer abc you too can enjoy summer from a to z! So that the heat and sun don't bother us at home or when traveling, keep fit! The appropriate tips put together should only be used in an emergency. Because certain active ingredients inhibit the excretion of pathogens and delay healing. This helps: drink a lot to compensate for the loss of fluids and mineral salts. Older people in particular should pay attention to this. Because they feel less thirsty, they dry out very quickly. In addition to water, black tea with its anti-inflammatory tannins is also suitable. If the diarrhea continues unabated for more than three to four days, if there is a fever or blood and mucus appear in the stool: see a doctor. E Nutrition To put as little stress on the circulation as possible, prefer light meals when it is hot: salads with poultry, pasta or rice salad, fruit, some cheese, fish or lean meat. Many small portions ensure that the blood sugar level does not drop and that you stay fit. Because harmful bacteria multiply faster in the heat, groceries belong in the refrigerator immediately after shopping. The greatest risk of infection comes from meat and eggs. Salmonella is eliminated by cooking meat or fish at over 70 degrees for at least ten minutes. F PLANE Because the air in an airplane is extremely dry, you should drink enough, especially on long-haul flights. Otherwise the mucous membranes will dry out and it will be harder to swallow and breathe. The lower air pressure on board also increases the risk of thrombosis. The veins expand, the blood flows more slowly, and the risk of it clotting increases. It is therefore advisable to walk across the aisle at least once an hour and to circling with your feet from time to time. If you have vein problems, it is better to wear support stockings. G garden Watering, harvesting, pulling weeds: there is enough to do in the garden even in summer. Hard work is best done in the cooler hours of the morning or evening. Better to take a siesta in the cool house at lunchtime. This protects the cardiovascular system. And in the evening is a barbecue on the program? Gorgeous! It is known today that certain hydrocarbons are formed when grilling when fat drips onto charcoal. These substances are suspected of causing cancer. But you can easily prevent it: Always cook meat and sausages in an aluminum tray. And do without salt meat. Photos: stephen Behautet, alamy / corbis DaK magazin fit! 2_2011 9

10 healthy living The nitrite contained in it combines under heat to form carcinogenic nitrosamines. Low-fat meat such as turkey escalope and chicken fillet is ideal on the grill. Because of the danger of salmonella, it should be completely cooked through. H Skin The skin becomes thinner, drier and therefore more sensitive with age. Certain medications such as beta blockers, St. John's wort preparations and antibiotics also increase sensitivity to light. And because cell division slows down, the outer protective covering takes longer to recover from sunburn. Therefore, it is better not to let it redden in the first place. The skin needs more than three weeks to form its own protection. The protective shield consists on the one hand of the skin pigment melanin, which protects against skin cancer, and on the other hand of the so-called light calluses: the upper layer of the skin becomes thicker over time so that it can better ward off rays. It is best to start with short sunbathing and a rich sunscreen with a high sun protection factor. Apply thickly to create an even protective layer and apply cream regularly, especially after bathing. In any case, avoid the midday sun between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. when the radiation is most intense. I Immune system The UV light from the sun weakens the immune system. Then herpes and summer flu have an easier game. Lips do not have any pigments that could repel UV rays, nor do they have a protective horny layer. Due to the weakened defense, the body activates the viruses dormant in the nerve roots, and vesicles appear. This prevents: Apply a care stick or sun blocker. Summer flu is a viral infection. The first signs are a sore throat or sore throat, or the nose is blocked or runny. Usually symptoms subside after three to four days. If you have a fever of over 38 degrees or the secretion is not clear but greenish-yellow: see a doctor! J JunIor Holidays at long last and you might have grandchildren to spend a few days in the summer with you. Don't forget: Children need special sun protection because their skin is still thin and particularly sensitive. Never let toddlers romp in the blazing sun any longer, especially not during lunchtime. And apply cream to the little rascals regularly, including the parts of the body under a T-shirt or body, because UV rays also penetrate through fabric. A sun hat with neck protection and sunglasses are also required. The eyes, especially the cornea, lens and retina, are also sensitive to UV light. K CLOTHING Practical: A sun protection factor is already built into special sun protection clothing. The clothing is woven or coated in such a way that it hardly lets dangerous UV rays through. The protection factor corresponds to that of sun creams and is stated on the label. This clothing is particularly suitable in the mountains or by the water, where the sunlight is more intense. Nevertheless, don't forget to apply lotion to your face, neck, hands, arms and legs! A cap or a scarf for your head is essential. L running You don't have to do without sports like running or walking, even at high temperatures. Just start walking early in the morning when the ozone levels and temperatures are still low. 10 DAK MAgAzin fit! 2_2011

11 Take it easy: take more breaks and drink plenty of fluids before you get thirsty. Wear airy clothing and a scarf or cap on your head. People with cardiovascular problems should consult their doctor before exercising. If you experience a headache, dizziness, chills, weakness or shivering, immediately pause in the shade, put your feet up and have a drink. If the symptoms do not improve, consult a doctor. MMÜCKEN & CO. After an insect bite, cooling is the order of the day. A damp compress is anti-inflammatory and relieves pain. A simple and good home remedy is the freshly cut onion slice that you put on the bite. A quark wrap is just as effective. Antihistamine creams and gels from the pharmacy relieve itching. In the event of a sting in the throat or an allergic reaction, please call 911 immediately. Until the doctor arrives, suck ice cubes and cold wrap your neck against the swelling. N AT NIGHT If it is still hot in the evening, the body cannot cool down as usual. That's why we fall asleep worse How to prevent: Keep the bedroom as dark and cool as possible during the day, only ventilate it in the evening. A thin sheet is sufficient to cover it. Cool a hot water bottle filled with cold water in the refrigerator and place it between your feet, under your neck or on your stomach in the evening. If you don't get to sleep right away, stay calm. In summer we need around an hour less sleep than in winter. O OZONE The gas occurs naturally in the atmosphere. More of it forms on hot days when the UV rays in the sunlight and the exhaust gases in the air react with one another. The environmental toxin irritates the respiratory tract. If one is exposed to high stress for hours, throat irritation, asthma attacks and headaches can occur. Ten percent of people react to a lower ozone load. The values ​​are highest between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. To keep rooms free, you should ventilate in the morning. The Federal Environment Agency brings up the current values. P POLLEN In summer, grass and rye pollen usually irritate the mucous membranes. Protecting yourself from them is almost impossible. One ear of rye alone produces more than four million pollen. Ten pollen grains are enough to make your nose run and eyes itchy. This helps: stay in the house when the pollen count is strongest in the country it is early morning, in the city it is evening. Ventilate the apartment briefly and only when the pollen concentration is low. A pollen guard, which is attached to the window with Velcro, acts like a filter. Take off your jackets at the front door. Wash the pollen dust out of your hair in the evening. Rinsing with the nasal douche cleanses and moisturizes the mucous membranes. QQUALLEN The tentacles of a fire jellyfish have nettle cells that secrete poison when touched. Anyone who has ever collided with a jellyfish knows how much the skin burns, itches and swells afterwards. And that helps: Get out of the water as quickly as possible, rinse the affected area with salt water and cool off with damp sand. Scrape off the remaining hives with a blunt object, such as a credit card. Do not use fresh water! If the symptoms increase and the circulation causes problems: see a doctor. PHOTOS: CUSP / CORBIS; FANCY IMAGES / F1ONLINE; WESTEND61 / F1ONLINE

12 HEALTHY LIVING PHOTOS: LUBITZ + DORNER / PLAINPICTURE; OJO IMAGES / F1ONLINE REISEAPOTHEKE MUST BE INSERTED: Medicines that you take every day. If you are traveling by plane, remember: Medicines in hand luggage need a permit. Certified copies of prescriptions, for example, are permitted. Also a must: painkillers and fever killers, e.g. B. acetylsalicylic acid or paracetamol. Disinfectants to clean wounds. Plasters, sterile wound compresses, gauze bandages, elastic bandages, adhesive tape, scissors, splinter tweezers and triangular cloth. The clinical thermometer should be made of plastic so that it does not break on the way. NO MUST, BUT USEFUL: Drugs against travel sickness. Many of the over the counter supplements make you tired. Ask your doctor about alternatives. Electrolyte powder to compensate for salt and fluid loss, for example during strenuous tours or in the event of diarrhea. Medication for eye discomfort. Dust, wind or light irritate the eyes and often cause conjunctivitis when traveling. The right insect repellent: Reliable protection against mosquito bites is important in malaria areas, for example. Preparations with the active ingredient diethyltoluamide (DEET) are recommended. Means based on essential oils such as tea tree oil or lemon oil have a weaker and shorter effect. S SUN PROTECTION Even when clouds move in front of the sun, 60 to 80 percent of UV rays still reach the earth. So apply cream carefully even on cloudy days! If your skin type 2 is fair-skinned, with blonde to light brown hair, you can usually only stay in the sun for ten to 20 minutes without risking sunburn. This is the so-called self-protection time of the skin. If you apply a cream with a sun protection factor, the time is extended accordingly, but not indefinitely. In addition to the UV-B rays that lead to sunburn, creams also filter out the long-wave UV-A rays. They cause the skin to age prematurely and even penetrate through window glass. T DRINK At least two liters of water, herbal tea or juice spritzer a day are essential in the heat so that the body does not dry out. Headache, tiredness, and lack of concentration are warning signs of dehydration. People over 65 years of age are particularly at risk because the feeling of thirst decreases with age. The German Nutrition Society (DGE) therefore recommends preparing your drinking ration for the day in the morning. All thirst quenchers are best served at room temperature. Because ice-cold drinks do not cool down, but put an additional strain on the body. U HOLIDAY Lots of elderly people would like to travel, but feel unsafe: They don't speak the national language, they may be physically restricted or they don't have a travel partner. But that doesn't have to be an obstacle. Tourism companies such as Mediplus Reisen offer trips accompanied by a doctor, the Arbeiterwohlfahrt (AWO) and the German Red Cross (DRK) have holiday trips especially for older people in their program. Inquire at the travel agency or look for the right provider on the Internet, for example enter under the keyword special trips and then click on Best Ager Reisen. 12 DAK MAGAZINE fit! 2_2011

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14 HEALTHY LIVING V VITAMIN D Sun ensures strong bones. Because under the influence of UV-B rays, the body forms vitamin D in the skin, which promotes the development and maintenance of the skeleton. To boost production, it is sufficient to be outside for 15 minutes a day in summer and expose your face, arms and hands to the sun. Prolonged sunbathing does not increase vitamin D production, but rather increases the risk of skin cancer. Although studies show that more than every second person between the ages of 18 and 79 is deficient in vitamin D, it is not recommended to compensate for this with dietary supplements. Because too much vitamin D can lead to nausea and cardiac arrhythmias. Foods containing vitamin D include: Herring, eel, salmon, mushrooms, eggs, butter and whole milk. W WATER Don't jump straight into the water when it's hot. It is healthier to get the body used to it slowly, otherwise the circulation will quickly become slack. Swim in the sea parallel to the coast rather than too far out. The cold draws energy from the body because it is programmed to maintain its temperature. In the worst case, you can't make it back on your own. X XXL PROTECTION In good hands on the go: The DAK additional protection for trips abroad guarantees reimbursement for the most important outpatient or inpatient treatment anywhere in the world, as well as for medically necessary repatriations. Incidentally, Stiftung Warentest has rated the DAKplus travel tariff as very good. YYOGA ON THE BEACH The surf causes salt water particles to get into the air, which have a regenerative effect. How to deepen your breathing: Sit upright on the beach mat. Cross your hands, turn your palms outwards. Extend your arms and raise them to shoulder height. Pull your shoulder joints back, raise your straight arms vertically towards the horizon. Pull your shoulders down. Breathe deeply and calmly. Finally, slowly lower your arms, loosen your hands and feel the warmth with your eyes closed. TICKES They lurk in tall grass or on bushes and can transmit diseases: Lyme disease and early summer meningoencephalitis (TBE), a form of meningitis. There is a vaccination to protect against TBE, but not against Lyme disease. Thoroughly search the body in the evening and pull out ticks with a tick tweezer. If after a few days a red, ring-shaped spot appears around the puncture site or elsewhere on the body, or if flu-like symptoms arise: see a doctor. Borreliosis can be cured well in the early stages with antibiotics. If you react too late, it can become chronic. TO WIN: A BEACH BASKET Everything about the DAK online summer: and on p. 30/31 ENJOY THE SUMMER COMFORTABLY IN YOUR OWN GARDEN BEACH BASKET! fi t! together with SonnenPartner is giving away a hand-woven garden beach chair worth 1000 euros. Rustikal 250 Plus is a two-seater with adjustable footrests, two neck and foot cushions and a small side table. More information and how you can order the free catalog at: You just have to answer our question: Where was the first beach chair set up in 1882? Send your answer to subject: beach chair. The deadline for entries is July 15th. The lot will decide. The judges' decision is final. PHOTOS: MANUFACTURERS 14

15 The technically new, economical, convenient annual heating system Electric storage flat heating system Good reasons for the new skirting board heating The energy-saving secret Advertisement Just set it up, done Well-being thanks to a healthy room climate Unrivaled with a humidifier Only 22 cm high Only 12 cm deep Amazingly economical Highly developed technology helps Save energy No damage to health Comfortable heating, no soot, no dust, heat from the socket Mobile or wall-mounted The electric heating system with the low connection values ​​but high heating output (watts) New era of heating without maintenance Longer reheating without electricity, no fan. A real electric central heating system with a built-in heat-fireclay core. Electrically adjustable surface temperature in the heating program, with economical power consumption always evenly comfortable heat emission like with central heating. Can be set up anywhere, whether living room, bedroom, children's room, hallway, toilet, bathroom or other rooms in old and new apartments / houses. No chiselling or masonry work required, just unpack. Approved by recognized European test centers. You can use this economical electric heater every time you move house. For individual rooms, as full, additional + transitional heating A crucial chapter in new or old apartments / houses is the appropriate solution to the heating issue. Since it is too cold 6 months a year and another 3 months too uncomfortable, at least living spaces with a good and economical one have to be taken along without difficulty and thus become independent. This ideal heating is a further development of our factory, which was already producing heating devices in 1892. Our factory provides a long-term guarantee on all parts. Factory representatives all over Europe. Thank you very much for the trust you have placed in us. Free catalog service We would choose WIBO again Cut out the coupon, stick it on the envelope (back of a pad or the like) and send it in with your address Free catalog service: or by fax 040 / WIBO-Info Dienst Postfach Hamburg INFORMATION F 1067 Send free of charge for you Buy this coupon today without a postage stamp. You will receive our latest color catalog for baseboard heaters and partial payments without obligation and free of charge. Direct from the factory. Last name / first name Send postage free or fax right away 040 / The new catalog is here! Request it immediately for free! Send this COUPON to our factory today! Street, postcode, town, phone, please state the WIBO Info Service Department of Energy Saving P.O. Box Our customers write: Hamburg I now heat more cheaply

16 live healthy breakfast is ready! TomaTen- Gurken-SalaT Delicious with juicy fruit and crunchy vegetables, really fresh from the summer. Because we always find jam or liver sausage on bread rolls boring. Here, a cheese with tomatoes and cucumbers is really fresh. Great for everyone who likes hearty mornings: With the reduced-fat Camembert variant, this breakfast is light and low in calories. Like all of our delicious recipes, by the way. INGREDIENTS FOR 1 PERSON 100 g small tomatoes, 100 g cucumber, 5 black olives, a few stalks of parsley, salt, pepper, 1 teaspoon olive oil, 30 g camembert (12% absolute fat), 2 slices of wheat flatbread. Cut the cucumber into slices and the olives into wedges. Mix everything. Pluck the parsley leaves, add to the salad with salt, pepper and oil. Let it steep for a good five minutes. Cut the box into pieces and add to the salad. Serve with two slices of flatbread. Preparation time: approx. 10 min. Per serving: approx. 200 kcal protein: 10 g, fat: 11 g, carbohydrates: 13 g 16 DAK MAGAZin fit! 2_2011

17 fruity fresh cheese bread Berry quark on rolls Spicy muesli with radish blueberries taste like summer and are rich in cell protection substances. The whole grain bread gives strength for the first valuable hours of the day and keeps us full for a particularly long time with long-chain carbohydrates. Ingredients for 1 person 1 tbsp almond flakes, 70 g of grainy cream cheese, 2 small slices of wholemeal bread, 30 g of fruit (e.g. blueberries, strawberries, banana, kiwi), 1 teaspoon of liquid honey, 50 ml of apple juice, 100 ml of mineral water Berry delicious rolls! It is mixed with sea buckthorn syrup. You can of course sweeten with liquid honey, but sea buckthorn is a vitamin C bomb. Natural yogurt also tastes good with the juice, which you can buy in any health food store. Ingredients for 1 person 70 g of seasonal berries, 1 wholemeal bread roll (50 g), 60 g of buttermilk quark (0.5% fat), 1 teaspoon of sea buckthorn syrup, 1 stalk of lemon balm Homemade muesli is great because oatmeal with milk is a high-quality protein combination that our body can utilize well. But who says muesli has to be sweet? This one is spicy and a hit! Ingredients for 1 person 20 g crispy oat flakes, 100 g radishes, 1 spring onion, 1 teaspoon oat bran flakes, 150 g thick milk (1.5% fat), 10 g grated Gouda cheese (17% absolute fat), 1 teaspoon chive rolls, 1 radish for garnish Preparation Briefly toast the flaked almonds in a pan without fat, remove. Spread the cream cheese on the bread slices and spread the blueberries on top. Sprinkle the blueberry and cream cheese bread with the flaked almonds and drizzle with honey. Apple spritzer tastes good with it. Preparation time: approx. 10 min. Per serving: approx. 200 kcal protein: 13 g, fat: 4 g, carbohydrates: 26 g Preparation Strip off currants, sort other berries, cut bread rolls. Spread the quark on the lower half. Spread the berries on top and drizzle with sea buckthorn syrup. Pluck lemon balm leaves and place on the quark and berries, put the bread roll lid on, done! Preparation time: approx. 10 min. Per serving: approx. 200 kcal protein: 14 g, fat: 1 g, carbohydrates: 31 g Preparation Briefly roast oat flakes in a pan without fat. Slice the radishes and cut the spring onions diagonally into fine rings. Mix together oat and bran flakes, radish slices, onion rings and curdled milk. Sprinkle with cheese and chives and garnish with the radishes. Preparation time: approx. 15 min. Per serving: approx. 210 kcal protein: 13 g, fat: 6 g, carbohydrates: 24 g PHOTOS: AMANAIMAgES / PLANPICTURE; MATTHIAS HAuPT / PICTuRE PRESS; PuNCHSTOCK; PHoToCuISINE / F1oNlINE; BISHOP / SToCKFooD DAK MAGAZINE fit! 2_

18 living healthy what do you know about berries? Pure, on cake or as grits: berries are vitamin-rich enjoyment. Test your knowledge about the little fruits and with a little luck you could win a great prize 1 Berries are free radical catchers. Which ingredient makes them so healthy that they can prevent cancer and cardiovascular diseases? T Vitamin B F Flavonoids P Magnesium 2. From a botanical point of view, which fruit is a berry, although it bears no resemblance to the common berry fruit varieties? R banana O pineapple E apple 3 Blackcurrants have the highest vitamin C content of all garden fruits. Where did the gooseberry plant get its name from? R According to its discoverer S According to its cultivation area U After its ripening period 4 Blue vitamin E bombs grow on bushes up to 60 cm high, which are particularly helpful with diarrhea, stomach pain and weak bladder. What's your name? L Sloe C Blueberry U Lingonberry 5 From a medical point of view, the blackberry is a special fruit, as the tart juice of the pomaceous stone fruit is a tried and tested remedy. What is he helping against? N Cough B Cystitis H Febrile illnesses 6 The Chinese gooseberry comes from the mountain forests of the Yangtze River Valley, and its high pectin content helps with constipation. What do we call the fruit? T Kiwi C Josta berry H Acai berry Photos: FoodPhotograPhy / stockFood (3); manufacturer And this is how you join in: The letters in front of the correct answer result in the answer. Send this by email to password: Beeren, or by post to: DAK, password: Beeren, Hamburg. The closing date for entries is August 15th. You can win elegant salad bowls from Koziol. Here design is combined with practical use, because the salad servers can be retracted into the bowl when not in use. Good luck! The lot decides. The judges' decision is final.Enter the solution word here: Beautiful salad bowls from Koziol 18

19 Relax in Europe's largest thermal spa area Bad Füssing (Bay. Golf & Thermenland), Kurhotel Panland No single room surcharge. asks: As a young woman I was an avid swimmer. But then work, family and household took all of my time and energy. While cleaning up, I found photos of myself as a girl in a bathing suit, when I was still crisp. Now, as a pensioner, I would have time to go swimming again. The movement would do me good. But there are a lot of young people in the swimming pool and I would be ashamed of my old body. How can I overcome my shame? The DAK expert answers: If you used to be an enthusiastic swimmer, your body will immediately remember the weightless movements in the water. It is understandable that after so many years it will be unfamiliar to walk around in a bathing suit. From a psychological point of view, the feeling of shame has the function of pointing us to inner limits: It signals that we are insecure, that our privacy is threatened. So what could you do to feel safe? You could find a like-minded friend or two to swim with in a group, even if she is small it will make you feel better. You can also check out the swimming pool to see if there are swimming times for seniors. Some baths also have special times for women only. There may be a swimming club or the DLRG (Deutsche Lebens-Rettungs-Gesellschaft) in your area, and they offer certain swimming and training times for senior citizens. So that you feel as comfortable as possible, you should treat yourself to a new, well-fitting swimsuit. Models with a classic leg cut are ideal. Tip: You can also wear a light bathrobe over your swimsuit or tie a nice scarf like a skirt around your hips. Both flatter the body, and you immediately feel much more attracted. But the most important thing is: don't be afraid of the young people. Some people who are in puberty may not feel comfortable in their bodies either. Others simply swim their laps through the water or even admire it when older people like you enthusiastically do sports. Swim but where? You can get an initial overview on the Internet if you enter search terms such as swimming, senior citizens and your place of residence. Alter native terms: aqua fitness, water or gymnastics. Some adult education centers offer courses. And thermal or exercise baths are also a good place to start. DO YOU NEED AN ADVICE? Then write to us: Expert question DAK editorial office Postfach Hamburg 6 nights / half board p.p. Incl. DAK health 7 days + PLUS package from Saunahof Bad Füssing living example Your vacation spot: Bad Füssing is the number 1 among the German spas: three healing thermal baths with legendary effects on back and joint problems and an unparalleled range of leisure activities make the spa the most overnight spa resort Europe made. Your hotel: modern and hospitable house in the immediate vicinity of Therme I and the spa gardens. Your wellness area: sauna and fitness room included. Your room: bright and friendly modern non-smoking room with shower / toilet, bathrobe (fee) at the reception, radio alarm clock, telephone, satellite TV, balcony. DAK Gesundheits + PLUS: 1 x Nordic Walking taster course, 2 x massage, 1 x entry to the thermal baths, 1 x spinal therapy path with therapeutic support, voucher for a therapeutic training in a Fitness First studio of your choice. In addition: Free services from the spa administration with a spa and guest card worth 100. Booking no .: V-QLG days (6 nights / half board) Season A: per person in a double / single room standard 359.00 - health-active-advantage * - 100.00 travel price for DAK-insured only 259, - Season B: per person in double / single standard 375, - - healthy-active-advantage * - 100, - travel price for DAK-insured only 275, - Season C: per person in double / single standard 399, - - - Gesundheitaktiv-Vorteil * - 100, - Travel price for DAK insured persons only 299, - Single room surcharge: none. Arrival: Mon / Sat .. Tourist tax: to be paid on site. * is not financed from DAK membership fees. Simply book by telephone or for queries: (local telephone charges, charges for calls from mobile networks depending on the provider) You can obtain additional attractive travel offers with health-active benefits for those insured by DAK at your DAK branch or on the Internet at: Cooperation partner DAK MAGAZIN fit! 2_2011 of the DAK19 Laberstr, Sinzing

20 well cared for More patient safety registers for artificial joints More and more people are getting artificial joints installed. It is annoying when these cause problems after a short time and, under certain circumstances, a new operation with replacement has to be carried out, a so-called revision procedure. Such cases have not yet been systematically recorded. That should be different in the future. The DAK is involved in the establishment of a nationwide register for endoprostheses through its Association of Substitute Funds. The Endoprosthesis Register Germany (EPRD) will record all important data on the joints used and record every component, every manufacturer and every surgical procedure. In Sweden, where a registry has been kept for a long time, the number of corrective interventions has fallen sharply. Experts assume that the new registry can save many patients in Germany the risk and pain of a new operation. dak health report always available For many young employees, it is no longer possible without the Internet and mobile phones. You can exchange information at lightning speed and network yourself with colleagues on the other side of the world. This increases the demands placed on our brain, which has to process and sort the incoming flood of data. Apparently, young employees usually get along with this: According to the DAK Health Report 2011, they are quite healthy. The sickness rate for 15 to 29-year-olds is only 2.6 percent and thus remains well below the average for all employed persons at 3.4 percent. Nevertheless: Decades of professional activity lie ahead of the younger generation. If you want to stay healthy and productive for a long time, you have to do something for your health. It would be good to think about whether you can get by without a computer and mobile phone, especially at night or on vacation, says Frank Meiners, a qualified psychologist at the DAK. The psyche must also recover. pensioners With job money back Pensioners with a job that is subject to compulsory insurance can have their health and long-term care insurance contributions partially reimbursed from their pension upon application. Prerequisite: The total annual income, such as wages, pensions, benefits from the employment agency or pension payments, exceeds the assessment ceiling. This amounts to EUR annually for 2010 and EUR 3,750 per month. The contributions paid by the pensioner themselves are eligible for reimbursement for the part of the pension that is above the contribution assessment limit. If you have any questions, call DAKdirect: * or as a flat rate customer at * 3.9 ct./min. from the landline network of dt. telekom, max. 42 ct./min. from the cellular networks 20 DAK MAgAzin fit! 2_2011

21 Advertisement Your teeth are simply too good for some things. DAK ZAhn-Service The third party very cheap! Photos: Cultura, StoCkbyte / Getty ImaGeS; PhanIe / a1PIx; StePhen beaudet, monalyn GraCIa / CorbIS High-quality dentures must be affordable without compromising on safety and quality. That is why DAK is a partner in the dent-net network. DAK customers receive quality at good prices from selected dentists and laboratories. One reason: Imex Dental und Technik GmbH, which is part of the network, not only manufactures in its laboratory in Essen, but has also been manufacturing in China for years. German master dental technicians are on site and monitor the quality. That is why Imex can grant you an extended five-year guarantee on the finished dentures instead of the statutory two years. If you have any questions about dent-net, you can use our free service telephone:, exclusively for DAK customers. DAK Care Day The Future Of Care Around 200 guests attended the DAK Care Day in Berlin on March 29, 2011 and discussed the future of care insurance with experts. Members of the DAK board of directors warned politicians against further undermining equal financing. The models of supplementary long-term care insurance, such as the ones under discussion, shift the risk associated with the need for long-term care unilaterally to the insured, emphasized DAK Chairman of the Board of Directors Hans-Peter Stute. Instead, he called for the creation of a sustainability reserve in order to secure the financing of care for the future. The federal government is planning a new long-term care reform for 2011. holiday for the active off on the water! Active holidays are becoming more and more popular: According to a DAK survey, 23 percent of people over 60 are already doing sport on a regular basis. Even if they are unbeatably cheap. You can now save a lot of money on dentures without compromising on safety and quality. Inexpensive quality dentures, even implants manufactured according to the strict requirements of the German Medical Devices Act. TÜV certified quality according to ISO 9001: 2008. With a 5-year guarantee instead of the legally required 2-year guarantee. About satisfied patients a year Find out now free of charge and without obligation: Free service number from the German landline network An offer from indento Managementgesellschaft mbh, Ruhrallee 191, Essen. dak magazine fit! 2_ Official contract partner of the DAK.

22 WELL CARED FOR, THE NEW DAK OFFER The DAK offers its pound patients special exercise programs. A new study shows how heart and diabetes sufferers benefit from it. Lack of exercise is the be-all and end-all of many diseases of civilization. Patients who manage to exercise more regularly and incorporate more activities into their everyday lives can benefit enormously from a health point of view, especially if they weigh a few pounds too much. As part of its health programs Diabetes Type 2 and Coronary Heart Disease, the DAK is therefore offering new exercise courses. The DAK is the first to offer this course. Great feeling when your fingers reach your toe again Experts have found that adult diabetes and coronary artery disease have a lot in common. Similar mechanisms work in both diseases. One speaks of the metabolic syndrome, a dangerous quartet of obesity, high blood pressure, high blood lipid levels and increased fasting blood sugar levels. The trigger, practically the first card played in this quartet, is usually overweight. There is a close relationship between growing obesity and the likelihood of a coronary fit! 2_2011

23 Warming up: The experienced DAK course instructors show what is really good for heart disease or developing adult diabetes. Conversely, every pound you drop translates into a gain for your health. Anyone Can Lose Weight, Even If It Isn't Easy If you want to lose weight, you have to do two things: change your diet and start exercising regularly. Some people have unpleasant memories of embarrassing situations in which their own fitness was insufficient and people just smiled pityingly. It is completely different with the DAK movement courses. Here patients train together who have similar problems and encourage each other. In a group, everyone finds it easier to get active and they learn endurance and strength training exercises that are specially tailored to their needs. The sports therapists who offer the DAK movement courses at 22 locations across Germany have had very good experiences with this approach. The participants find fun in movement again, become more resilient in everyday running: Trust in their own abilities grows Community: everyone shares a goal, and motivation increases Photos: DAK DAK MAgAZin fit! 2_


25 10 years of AD Typically sonnenklar.tv! Hessen Bavaria Eisenach Erfurt Gotha Weimar Friedrichroda Bad Liebenstein Suhl Meiningen Thuringia 0 N 25 km Dash fotolia.com Thuringian Forest: Wellness for body and soul Relax in the health resort Bad Liebenstein, Thuringia's oldest spa. Your Kulturhotel Kaiserhof **** Location: The house is quietly located in the spa district of Bad Liebenstein. Equipment: reception, lobby and restaurant. Kulturhotel Kaiserhof Accommodation: The double rooms (min. 2 adults, max. 2 adults + 2 children) are equipped with bath or shower / toilet, hairdryer, some with seating area, telephone, TV and radio. Wellness: Included: sauna, steam bath and fitness room. For a fee: massages. When booking 5 nights including: 1 aromatic oil bath for 2 people in the double bathtub (duration approx. 30 min.) Worth approx. 49, per room 1 x coffee and cake in the afternoon inclusive services instead of 165, - * You save up to 40 %! 2 nights in a double room 2 x rich breakfast buffet 2 x dinner (3-course menu or buffet) Use of the wellness area Bathrobe and slippers to borrow during your stay 3 nights, 4-star hotel, double room 159, - HB Plus from p.p. Travel period June to October 2011 Prices per person in a double room Arrival Arrival Season Offer price Friday, Sunday (2 nights) (5 nights) 2 nights 5 nights,,,, A 99, - 249,, - * 412.50 * B,, ,, - 165, - * 259, - 412.50 * EDP code: TWA045, code: 11759, order no. B77418 * Official hotel price for direct bookings at the time of going to print. Austria Trend Alpine Resort Doischberg Germany Bregenz Lindau Innsbruck Austria Switzerland Italy Munich Kufstein Fieberbrunn 0 Lienz N Salzburg 100 km Austria: Nature experiences in Tyrol Mountains and valleys, water and rocks - these contrasts characterize Fieberbrunn and its surroundings. Experience and discover the extensive range of leisure and active vacation options in the region. Your Austria Trend Alpine Resort Doischberg **** Location: The hotel is located directly at the Fieberbrunn cable car. The center is approx. 900 m away. Equipment: The house offers a reception, bar, restaurant and terrace. sonnenklar.tv offers over 5 million offers: ... Highlights on TV 24 hours a day digital and analogue via satellite (Astra 19.2 East) and cable NEW! sonnenklar.tv on daily clock ... all offers on the Internet Accommodation: The double rooms (min./max. 2 adults) have shower / toilet, hairdryer, telephone, TV, minibar (for a fee) and balcony. Sport / Wellness: Included: Wellness oasis with swimming pool, Finnish sauna, bio sauna, steam bath, fitness area ... personal advice in the travel agency 2 nights, 4-star hotel, double room 99, - half board from p.p. instead of 220, - * You save up to 26%! Inclusive services 3 nights in a double room 3 x half board plus including drinks with dinner Use of the wellness oasis B,,,,,,,,, Offer price Travel period June to October 2011 Prices per person in a double room Arrival Arrival Season Thursdays Sundays (3 nights) (4 Nights) A, - 3 nights 4 nights 199, - 220, - * 294, - * 179, - 220, - * C 189, - 237, - * D, - 270, - * 229, - 294, - * 249 , - 316, - * 269, - 360, - * EDP code: TIR645, code number: order no. B77436 * Official hotel price for direct bookings at the time of going to press. The following applies to all offers: all prices in. Star classification of the accommodation according to national category. Your tour operator BigXtra Touristik GmbH, Munich, as a sonnenklar.tv sister company, is a tour operator for many other sonnenklar.tv special offers. Upon receipt of the booking confirmation from the tour operator and receipt of the security certificate, a deposit of 20% of the travel price is due. The remaining payment is to be made 30 days before departure, personally there for you daily from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. 0.14 / min. from the German landline network, max.0.42 / min. from the cellular network