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11 golden rules of friendship | BFF or Bitch: are you a good friend?

Friendship isn't a big deal there are a million little things!

Finding a real friend for life is one of the greatest challenges of our existence. Friendships often have to go through a tough school of disappointment, arguments and jealousies before it becomes clear whether they really are a real bond for life.

Who found his girlfriend counterpart - so one BFF (best friends forever) has - can consider himself lucky. But as prominent examples of apparent BFFs (Paris Hilton & Nicole Ritchie; Paris Hilton & Lindsay Lohan; Paris Hilton & Kim Kardashian) show, the delicate bond of BFF friendship can also tear.

So you better take the test to see if you are really a good friend! The “best friends book” (mvg Verlag, 9.99 euros) lists the most important rules of female friendship, BILD.de shows 11 of them.

Are you a good friend? And above all: is your BFF too?

►We don't lie to each other (unless it's a very quick, little white lie).

►We are there for one another, even when we have argued.

►We grant the other EVERYTHING.

►The girlfriend's partner is always taboo.

►We don't blaspheme one another.

►We tell each other everything (unless we had something with an ugly or embarrassing guy that we don't even want to admit to ourselves).

►We never tell our best friend and we always stand behind her.

►We always help others out of trouble, even if we could get into trouble doing so.

►In front of other men, we talk EVEN better about the girlfriend than she is.

►When the other is angry, we don't try to turn them off, we get upset with them.

►We don't tell anyone else's secrets.

Victoria B. Robinson also signed up for her book 111 reasons to have a best friend (Schwarzkopf & Schwarzkopf, 9.90 euros) dealt with the topic of friendship and summarized the most important reasons why everyone should have a BFF: