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Although she is only 25 (or 24 according to international age), IU has been one of the most successful solo artists in South Korea for years. Lee Jieun, as her real name is, enchants fans of all ages with her doll-like, youthful look. Her unusual stage name IU means "I and You" and stands for the close connection that music creates between people.

And IU keeps what its name promises! Not only does she have a catchy voice with recognition value, but she also holds various record sales records. Among other things, she shares 1st place for a single, which has stayed at number 1 on the GAON charts for the longest, with PSY.

Surname Lee Jieun 이지은
Artist name IU 아이유
activity 2007 - today
Labels LOEN entertainment
birthday 16.05.1993
star sign
blood type
Fan club name IUNA
Fan club color

What is special about IU’s music? She doesn't follow trends, but does what she likes and now writes and produces many of her songs herself. She has also been an actress since 2011 and is celebrated by both audiences and critics! You'd think IU had it all, wouldn't you?

But her path was anything but easy: Before she could even start as a trainee, she failed around 20 auditions and was scanned by the wrong agencies. When she was finally accepted by an agency with Good Entertainment, she should have made her debut in the girl group 5girls with the idols UEE, Wonder Girls ‘Yubin, SECRET’s Hyoseong and 4minute’s Gayoon - but that never happened.

She ended up at LOEN Entertainment, where she made her debut as a solo artist in 2008 after just ten months of training. The then 15-year-old (!) Caused a stir for the first time with her acoustic cover versions of well-known K-pop songs. Everything else is a dream career.

No wonder that IU's motto is “Never give up” - because it's worth it!

Fun fact: IU has one thing in common with all of us: She is a huge Suzy fan girl! In an interview, she even said that she hopes to look like Suzy when she is reborn.


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