What is the best inexpensive brand of candles

Stiftung Warentest: Candles tested in 2016

Stiftung Warentest has examined candles for burning behavior, burning time and pollutants. Among other things, the experts tested candles from Netto, Rossmann, Ikea and various branded candles. We summarize the test results and show which candles are really good.

Stiftung Warentest: With these candles you can burn for a long time

  • Test winners (grade 1.3) are the decor pillar candles from Netto: They flicker, soot and drip and are also quite cheap at 70 cents each. In addition, it lasts quite a long time, so that an hour of burn time costs about 3 cents. Ideal for an advent wreath.
  • The pillar candle from Steinhart is on par (grade 1.3): It costs more, but also burns much longer. The bottom line is that it costs 5 cents an hour and burns just as well as the candles from Netto.
  • The experts in the laboratory hardly found any solvents, nickel or other harmful substances on either candle - great!

Product test: candles from Ikea and Rossmann

  • Among other things, Ikea is famous for its many different candles. In the test, the purple Dagligen candle was the cheapest for 49 cents: it costs 1 cent per hour when converted. There were deductions because it burns down very far and could ignite the tablecloth. Grade 2.3.
  • Rossmann's pillar candle Rubin Licht only scores 3.2 and is penultimate in the test: It also burns down so far that the flame could, for example, ignite a newspaper under the candle. The candle costs 3 cents per hour, how long it should burn, the manufacturer does not provide any information about this.
  • You can find all the details for a fee at test.de.

How good are branded candles?

  • The self-extinguishing Safe Candle from Wenzel took third place in the test (grade 1.4): There were only prints because, measured by its volume, it did not burn as long as other candles. Apart from that, they have the best burning behavior of all candles in the test. The candle costs around 9 cents per hour.
  • The Kopschitz flat head pillar candles also burn excellently, measured by their volume, but not that long either, therefore only the grade 1.5. The cost per hour is around 5 cents.
  • At the bottom of the list are the Gala quality candles pillar (grade 3.4), which burn very low. In addition, they don't burn as nicely as the other candles in the test. The manufacturer did not specify how long the candles burn and for the large volume the candle burned down quickly.

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There is always a small remainder of each candle. You can easily make a new candle out of this when you have two or three scraps of candles.