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Last, but not least: In our series of articles about the individual BTS members, we naturally come to the Maknae von BTS.

Jeon Jungkook is rapper, visual and main vocalist. Also the Golden Maknae, because it is simply an all-rounder. But of course we don't want to anticipate the 100 facts about him, let's get to our list in a moment!

He's a huge fan of RM and only because of him joined the label and thus the group. Since he was at that time through his participation in Superstar K (His audition was never broadcast, but videos of it are circulating on the web today) Having received business cards from all the big labels, it was a miracle for the company and the band that he wanted to join them.

Jungkook loves video games. If he hadn't become a singer, he would have aspired to become a pro gamer. His love for it goes so far that he and his younger brother fought so hard about who was allowed to use the PC that he still has a small scar on his left cheek.

Next to his big brother Junghyun and of course his family also consists of his parents. By the way, his mother is older than his father and, on the contrary, like many Koreans, she also hit on him because she liked him. Ha!

You find Namjoon's fear of elephants or Yoongi's fear of cows strange? Jungkook doesn't like microwaves! He is panicked that they could explode anytime, so he hates being around or using them. He uses them anyway. But the fear remains!

The band's Maknae is incredibly athletic. He is lightning fast in running, has been training boxing for many months and is also very interested in bodybuilding. He has also been practicing Taekwondo for many years.

His appetite is correspondingly large. As soon as he sees food, he would like to bury his face in it, very deep!

Even if you don't even notice it at first, Jungkook is incredibly shy! It used to be so bad that he didn't dare to take a shower while the other members were still awake. It was Taehyungwho did his best to crack the Maknae's shell and help him come out of himself.

He's a huge fanboy of IU. She also wrote the first CD he ever bought.

From Justin Bieber he is a big fan. After seeing him perform for the first time, he decided to learn to play the guitar. His favorite song of his is Nothing Like Us.

He and Yoongi have a very special relationship. For him, Yoongi is the older brother he will always respect and Yoongi, conversely, feels like he raised Jungkook. The Maknae gave his brother a very special gift for his brother's birthday in 2017. On top of that, it's the only video he ever made for a member!

# 노츄 # 슈가 생일 ㅊㅋ pic.twitter.com/PPGWAE4OpT

- 방탄 소년단 (@BTS_twt) March 9, 2017

Should BTS later no longer exist, he either wants to own a duck meat restaurant or become a tattoo artist.

Before making his debut, he spent a few months in the US learning all kinds of dance styles.

He loves video games. His room is the total geek room for that matter. But once he destroyed his cell phone because he had lost a game. Oops!

Because it has comparatively long front teeth, it is often referred to as a bunny. His BT21 character Cooky is therefore also a rabbit.

Save me is one of his favorite dances - he has it with him J-Hope common.

He, Jin and Yoongi each have a Hyundai Black Card. For this credit card, a committee consisting of eight people must approve the issuance, and they must also spend at least 8,000 US dollars per month on the card.

Hoseok Jungkook often has to remind them to step back. When he does, he tends to work so hard that his body gives up and he collapses.

He is very talented at bowling. His father inspired him to give it a try, as he is also very good at it.

He's been uploading cover versions of songs by international artists to Spotify on a regular basis since the debut of BTS.

Jungkook loves to capture memories on video. The YouTube channel has numerous souvenir videos of her many travels, which he shot and edited.

When he's munching on a snack, he likes to drink a carton of milk with it.

He didn't like his old handwriting anymore, so over the past few years he has changed it.

Yoongi says that Jungkook is very good at writing lyrics, but that he has too little confidence to use them. For the song Still with you he asked his Hyung for advice, who then didn't know what to do to help him because it sounded great.

Since he joined the band at a very young age, they kind of raised him. At that time he was just 15 years old (in Korean age calculation). So he thinks his personality is a mixture of the rest of the band.

He is very naughty and likes to tease his hyungs. With that he lives up to the role of Evil Maknae.

If he's nervous about a gig, he'll hit the other guy on the buttocks.

When he wanted to buy Twinkies, he couldn't think of the name. He therefore googled for "Zombie Movie Bread" because Twinkies were related to the film Zombie land have become a running gag.

Jungkook has admitted that he regularly checks on social media to see what fans are saying about her. He also knows a few inside jokes from the ARMY. However, it is not known exactly which one.

The Maknae is very sensitive to smells. So he likes to hug Hoseok because he always smells like vanilla.

For a while he was really addicted to Dubsmash. This is an app in which you could add famous quotes or animal noises to your small videos. Sometimes he also brought in other members. Later he was also stuck Taehyung with it.

Millionaire who? When he and Yoongi were filming a cooking program together, he took the pan straight home with him because he always wanted a rustproof frying pan.

He doesn't do VLives very often. Not with the others and certainly not alone. He then never knows how to act and always feels embarrassed.

When sleeping, he usually stretches both legs far away from him.

Because his room in one of the earlier dorms was so crowded, he slept constantly in the beds of the other members - mostly in Jimin's.

The members say that Jungkook always starts eating as soon as the meal is before him. Even if he says beforehand that he is not hungry or does not want anything. So they often just order for him when they are in hotels and eating. Jimin often even has it sent straight to the Maknae's room and then visits him so they can have dinner together.

Like Jimin, Jungkook has several tattoos, all of which are on his right hand and arm so far.

But he's also into piercings. He has three on his left ear and six on his right ear. However, the exact number of earrings he wears always varies.

He is very helpful and regularly helps the staff. In addition, it always helps to clear away rubbish when a program has ended. We have summarized 7 moments of this for you in this article.

If he has to learn something, he likes to use YouTube videos. For example, he was once able to prepare salmon perfectly.

His dog Gureum comes from the street, he adopted him from a home. He is a Maltese and lives with his parents. Gureum translates as cloud - he gave it the name, although it was anything but fluffy when he brought him to him because he was hoping that he could nurse him up properly. Some K-Netizens said at the time that the dog was insanely ugly, but Jungkook never lost hope and emphasizes how beautiful his dog is at every opportunity. Don't you think that Gureum is totally cute?

o gureum é tão fofinho, queria muito ver o jungkook boiolando por ele 😔 pic.twitter.com/XQ44LOG7yP

- ly⁷🌙 BY HOBI (@hobiplanes) June 10, 2020

Whenever he tells something that is particularly important to him, his ears turn red.

Euphoria he still finds it difficult to perform. As soon as they prepare for concerts, he gets up 30 minutes before the others in order to be able to practice his solo song beforehand.

He would like to learn to play the piano, but he cannot go to Yoongi to do this. He keeps telling him that he is good, even when he makes mistakes.

There is a poetry app called Sseum that was named the Most Beautiful App of 2016 by Google Korea in 2016. This is about getting your own poetic thoughts to speak, the users can neither like nor comment, they can only post themselves and be inspired by other posts. Jungkook has also written a few posts, but does not reveal which ones they were.

He once bought seven similar bucket hats because there are seven days a week.

Even after seven years, he finds it difficult to pose for photo shoots.

Jungkook is a hopeless romantic and takes a lot of inspiration from anime on that point. He firmly believes that he must hear a bell ringing when he meets his soulmate.

RISK OF SPOILER. Jungkook is a huge Iron Man fan. When he was watching Avengers Endgame with Jimin, he started crying in the cinema when the character died.

When performing, he doesn't like it when he starts to cry. Because then he can no longer see clearly and no longer correctly recognizes the ARMY who are around them.

He really loves to draw. He tries equally at classic drawing, digital drawings and painting.

He likes to take photos of the sky, the sun and clouds. When he was asked for a reason, it was about the fact that they always have a different shape.

At a concert in Paris, he jumped off the stage to thank a fan in a wheelchair for coming. He even spoke to her in English. The action was of course agreed with the security guards, but it had become very chaotic due to the violent reaction of the other fans. The fan in question in the wheelchair also said that he shouldn't have done that as it could have been dangerous. Fortunately, nobody was hurt!

He is so strong that he can pick up all of his members and tear open a pineapple with his bare hands.

On himself, he likes his natural hair color the most.

As TXT debuted, he was so excited to finally no longer be the youngest active musician in Big Hit Entertainment that he directly called himself Jungkook-hyung.

He likes to eat cereal. First he cuts an apple into slices, puts it in the milk and as soon as they have soaked up with it, a little muesli is added. Voilá! The Jungkook muesli is ready.

Chaerin, a member of the girl group Cherry Bullet, was previously a trainee under Big Hit Entertainment and also a childhood friend of Jungkook.

Because he likes oversized clothing and is particularly comfortable to wear, he often buys XL items.

No matter how hard the dance training and the hatred of their antis may be, Jungkook just never complains. But what is particularly bad for him when the other members are doing badly. Then he breaks down in tears.

He has (or at least used to have) a Bluetooth speaker that he likes to carry around with him and then use it to sound the other members. The exact model varies over and over again.

When he gets drunk, he is prone to making strange choices. He sings and hums and changes subjects in a flash. In addition, he then talks about things that are not entirely understandable. (Who remembers the Night Apple Is Poison Apple but can't do anything to them because he's JK?: D)

Namjoon once said that Jungkook made videos of him showing his bare bottom. And Hoseok once complained that Maknae just walked into the bathroom while he was taking a shower, just said something like "Yahhhhh" and then left.

One of his nicknames is Trending Fairy because his name is so often in the worldwide trends on numerous platforms.

Jungkook also has some very famous fans. The actress Kim Jungnan For example, Mal said she cried when she found out that Jungkook was injured.

Jungkook and Taehyung share a common playlist.

He is part of the 97 Line. This is a clique of idols who were all born in 1997. This includes GOT7’s Yugyeom, ASTRO’s Eunwoo, NCT’s Jaehyun and Mingyu, Minghao and Seokmin - all three of SEVENTEEN. They have a common group chat in KakaoTalk.

Fashion is not particularly important to him. Therefore, he vigorously wears everything that is given to him. Only if the size is absolutely wrong, he would exchange it or give it away.

When he brushes his teeth, he does one thing at a time. It's part of his self-care because it helps him calm down from stress.

He admires artists who are passionate about what they do. On vacation he likes to watch street musicians and in Seoul he was discovered by fans when he watched street dancers cover the dances of numerous bands, including BTS.

In the dorm he is responsible for washing the laundry. He loves Downy fabric softener and because he mentioned it at the beginning of 2019, it was sold out in all stores within a very short time. The company's customer service department then announced that the sales figures of usually two months were ordered in just one day. Even SBS CNBC, a television station that focuses on business news, has reported on it. A short time later, he tweeted that he was running out of fabric softener and couldn't buy one because he's gone everywhere.

아미 들… 저 섬유 유연제 거의 다 써서 사야 되는데…
다 품절 💜🤭 # 대단해 아미

- 방탄 소년단 (@BTS_twt) January 21, 2019

To be able to sleep comfortably, he needs three small air filters near his bed.

He says that as a child he was very weeping and cried all the time. Out of joy, out of sadness, even out of anger. Since he joined BTS, that has been a little less.

There is no music that he does not listen to, because he always wants to broaden his horizons and find inspiration everywhere.

He has a good and well-toned body, but was previously reprimanded by the staff for eating too much candy and too much junk food. Sometimes he stuffed half his stomach with chocolate cake.

He's a real otaku. He watches anime on the cell phone in waiting rooms, while other idols wait nervously in the backstage area of ​​award shows, he watches one Kung Fu Panda Film on and whenever he has the time, he plays loads of video games. And when he doesn't, then he reads comics, manga, and manhwas.

His favorite dishes include all dishes that are prepared with flour. Pizza, bread, pasta, ...

He is the only member of the vocal line who has his own studio. He christened it the Golden Closet.

Jungkook suffers from allergic rhinitis, which equates to a chronic inflammation of the nose, which is often associated with other respiratory diseases; from sinusitis to asthma. As a result, he sniffs constantly and often sneezes. Sneezing attacks can be triggered by a variety of things; Dust, animal hair, trees, grass or even pollen.

Jungkook also has trypophobia, so he can't look at things that have a lot of holes. Even making pancakes is uncomfortable for him.

His favorite TV show is King of Masked Singerwhere he has performed himself.

Other nicknames of his are Nochu, Kookie and Jungkookie - Yoongi in particular calls him that.

In middle school, he was learning how to b-boy at a club with some of his friends.

Before joining BTS, he played handball regularly. A hobby that he then had to give up due to lack of time.

His great role model is G-Dragon.

Jimin once said that Jungkook always grins when he swears.

Learning is not his thing at all.At school he didn't like any of the subjects except music and physical education.

He attended the School of Performing Arts in Seoul, which is known for its famous students. Other celebrities who visited SOPA are for example Sehun and Quay of EXO and Joy of Red Velvet. However, he began his high school debut a year later than his classmates. He then graduated in 2017. He did not take part in the Suneung because he wanted to concentrate purely on his music career.

If he speaks longer, his dialect always comes out. Jungkook is originally from Busan, where too Jimin comes from.

He doesn't really like insects, but he thinks stag beetles and other large beetles are cool. He used to have a stag beetle as a pet. Unfortunately, he passed away because he didn't take care of him properly. He later fished for a few crayfish in the summer and wanted to raise them as a pet. But he couldn't even give them a name, because they'd died earlier because he left them in direct sunlight for too long. When he asked his members if he was allowed to have a dog in the dorm, they all immediately said no. Back then, nobody really trusted that their pet would survive for a long time ...

Incidentally, his many talents run in the family. He himself is of the opinion that his great talent is only 1% of the talent of his father. Here is a picture that his father drew of him for ARMY:

아버지 께서 아미 들을 위해 선물 을 준비 했습니다… # JK # 아빠 금손 # 내 재능 은 아빠 의 1 퍼센트 # 아빠 짱 # 아미 사랑해 # 아빠 도 아미 사랑해 pic.twitter.com/V0uJHzxitP

- 방탄 소년단 (@BTS_twt) December 28, 2018

He likes sad songs the most.

When he cannot sleep, he imagines himself floating on a river with the moon shining above him and cherry blossoms blowing through the air.

When he returned to the United States after his extensive dance training, he briefly considered becoming a professional dancer in lieu of a member of BTS. Jimin persuaded him to stay with the band.

Taehyung's youngest siblings, Namjoon and Jimin are all the same age as Jungkook.

His idea of ​​a dream woman has changed several times in the last few years, as he also went through puberty. He now thinks that she should be cute, adapt to his style and be able to sing well. It should also be a little bigger than him, but not bigger. Here it always varies between 1.60 and 1.68. If his girlfriend were older, it would be important to him that she takes good care of him. If he were older than her, he would want to take the lead in the relationship.

He is the youngest artist to date to receive the Musician of the Year Award at the Korean Music Awards. He was then 22 years old (Korean age calculation). The singer stopped in front of him Wheesung this record, which was 23 years old when it was first awarded (also Korean age calculation).

His motto is: "I would rather die than live without passion."

Fans refer to him as the Sold Out King and the Boy With Midas Touch because mostly his merchandise products are among the favorites that sold out first and every product he recommends is sold out in no time at all. Even clothes that he wears are often sold out immediately within a short period of time.

Jungkook doesn't like it when fans call him oppa who are obviously older than him.

He visited Ariana Grande at one of her concerts and backstage in 2019 and took a photo with her, which she uploaded to Instagram.

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