How did you fix your dysfunctional marriage

Love films always run the same way. The first meeting is followed by the first kiss, a few small problems for tension and finally the romantic promise to spend the rest of your life together. What does that mean after the shoot is over? Everyday life moves in. And with it the small and large crises. However, if the partnership is causing grief and stress, you may find yourself in one toxic relationship

We'll show you the most important features and when you might want yours end toxic relationship should.

What is a toxic relationship?

Toxic relationships often switch back and forth very suddenly between intense closeness and arguments, stress and threats of separation. Often times, a person feels inferior to the partner and idealizes him or her. As a result, unacceptable behaviors such as insults, control addiction, selfishness or social isolation from the environment are accepted, while the The weaker person's self-esteem decreases and the fear of separation keeps increasing.

Ending a toxic relationship is difficult for many of those affected because of the frequent quarrels good times in the relationship are perceived particularly intensely. In addition, one partner usually feels emotionally, financially, or socially dependent on the other. All of this can contribute to the fact that, despite the great suffering, a person cannot break away from his partner.

Why Narcissists Are Frequently Stuck in Toxic Relationships

The dominant person in the relationship often suffers from one narcissistic personality disorder. This disorder is characterized by a lack of empathy, pronounced sensitivity to criticism and a lack of self-esteem.

Narcissists feel particularly drawn to highly empathetic people with a pronounced sense of guilt. They can manipulate these particularly well and use them for their own purposes. This also includes twisting the facts and statements of the other and the other Constantly confronting the person with allegationsuntil the weaker partner feels like they are going crazy and can no longer assess what is true and what is not.

Saving Toxic Relationships - When to Fight

But it can also be that a toxic relationship has completely different backgrounds. For example, we can early childhood experiences make us look permanently for love and self-affirmation in our environment. We also allow this insatiable need to flow into our relationship. That can lead to us in our relationship develop unrealistic expectations and harbor illusions that the partner cannot fulfill at all.

We may tend not to accept the partner for who he is, but to want to change him or her as we wish. No partner can fulfill dreams of roles. This starting position can very stressful for both people and promote unhealthy structures in the relationship.

It is possible to break free from this vicious circle by making your own Make you aware of dreams and projections. Try to see and accept the partner for who they are, not how they could be when they are working on themselves.

If, on the other hand, you discover narcissistic traits in your partner, you should consistently show stop signs, because narcissists do not know or respect boundaries. If the partner does not adhere to it, consequences should be drawn, because narcissists recognize negative consequences for themselves. If all of this does not help, it is advisable to fundamentally reconsider the relationship or to take a break from the relationship.

Ending a toxic relationship - when a breakup is inevitable

If you feel uncomfortable in the relationship over the long term, you cannot be yourself and every day with your partner is an almost indomitable challenge, one can Separation the right move be.

If you're struggling with whether or not to end the toxic relationship, it helps radical self-honesty. What's wrong in the relationship? What is my partner's character really like? Is it good for me or is it harming me?

Since people in poisoned partnerships tend to suppress everything negative after short, beautiful sections, too regular diary writing Create clarity about the relationship. In this way you can get an honest overview of how the partnership is actually going. Because no matter how big it is: Love alone is not enoughto have a stable and happy relationship.

That is why the separation is so difficult

Poisoned partnerships can be a vicious circle: The relationship causes constant pain, but because you feel like you've already invested so much, you don't give it up.

Also the Fear of being alone plays a big role: In a relationship study from 2013, US scientists showed that those with the greatest fear of being single are most likely to stay in unhappy relationships.

Although a poisoned relationship is characterized by arguments, stress, and low self-esteem, it is often difficult to end a toxic relationship.

The way out of a toxic relationship

You can find help from friends, family or a therapist. A friendship with your ex makes it even more difficult for you to relieve yourself.

Distraction also plays a role. Once you regain a healthy self-esteem and a develop a good relationship with yourself, you are ready for a new partnership with someone who loves you for who you are and who makes you forget the bad times.

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