How are political campaign managers paid

10 great jobs in politics

Intern / Volunteer

The pay might not be the best - in fact, it might not be there - but volunteering for a campaign or themed nonprofit can be a good political career starter. If you are a student who views politics as a career, volunteer and intern as often as you can.

You will likely start working on-site and in the office, but you will gain valuable experience and a good picture of your potential career opportunities. Again, many positions are unpaid, but you may receive a small salary or scholarship to cover costs.

Salary : According to, the average hourly wage for a political intern is $ 13.26.

legal advisor

Legislative staff can work directly on legislation or help a legislator with communication or administration.

  • A legislative assistant or adviser can focus on one subject area, e.g. B. Gun control or immigration, or investigate many different issues for the legislature he works for. The job includes writing and researching laws, briefing the boss on the issues, and keeping track of bills during the legislative process.
  • Communication assistants are a connection to the constituent groups, read e-mails, answer questions and provide information by phone, mail or e-mail.
  • Administrative staff answer the phone, plan appointments and meetings, organize calendars and logistics, and coordinate trips.

This entry-level job is a great place to start for a college graduate looking to pursue a career in politics.

Salary : The base salary for a legal advisor averages $ 39,605, according to Glassdoor.

Policy Analyst

Policy analysts work for the government, lawmaker, or the candidates. You know all the details of an existing or proposed policy. Policy analysts work to identify, create, and implement policies and programs. Research and analysis are important components of this job.

The job description includes conducting research, collecting data, analyzing existing and proposed policies, and reporting on information. Policy analysts can be a specific area of ​​expertise or more of a generalist working on multiple topics.

If you are a detail-minded person who can write, this is a solid job with good growth opportunities.

Salary : On each PayScale, the median annual salary for a Policy Analyst is $ 59,534.

Communication coordinator

Communication coordinators work for candidates, lawmakers and organizations involved in the political process. The task is to manage political and legislative communication, write speeches, press releases and newsletters, coordinate media work, update social media and implement communication strategies.

If you are the person who loves to speak up this would be a great job for you.

Salary : According to Glassdoor, the average annual salary for a communications coordinator is $ 47,993.


Political pollsters are the people who measure the effectiveness of a campaign and voter opinion on candidates and issues. Pollsters are about data - collecting information in a variety of ways, evaluating responses, analyzing and organizing data, performing statistical analysis, and presenting the results in a comprehensive format.

Pollsters can work directly for a candidate or legislator, or they can provide advice or freelance work. If you are intrigued by the numbers and know how they can affect voters, consider a career as a pollster.

Salary : The average annual salary for a political pollster is $ 77,757, according to SimplyHired.


Top lobbyists are often retired politicians, but there are many other career paths for those interested in lobbying. If you have excellent persuasive and communication skills, a lobbying job is an opportunity to spend your day, and often evenings and weekends, contacting elected officials to get them to vote positively on your issue or to reject laws that are not in the your organization’s best interests.

Lobbyists can work independently with clients, for a lobby or law firm, or for an organization or company that has a legitimate interest in legislative outcomes.

Salary : The average annual salary for a political lobbyist is $ 78,894, according to Glassdoor.

Campaign manager

The campaign manager is the big step on the campaign path, whether working for a small field candidate or for a presidential campaign. Campaign managers organize and monitor all the details necessary to manage a successful campaign.

On a broad scale, they develop, plan and implement a political campaign. A campaign manager's duties can include anything from hiring and managing people to budgeting, logistics, and technology, and even voting.

Salary : The average annual salary for a campaign manager per PayScale is $ 59,380.

Political advisor