How much do software developers earn

salaryThat's how much software developers earn in Germany

Software developers in Germany are pretty happy with their job. The job platform, which specializes in this industry, has ranked Germany eighth of the happiest countries in its global Happiness Index 2021. Honeypot also wanted to know how IT salaries have developed in this country. To this end, the company has evaluated thousands of its data from the past five years, namely salaries offered, requested and actually paid on the platform. These are the main lessons.

  • The average salary of developers at Honeypot in 2016 was around 50,000 euros per year. It has risen to 63,000 euros by the end of 2020, according to the platform. That corresponded to an increase of 26 percent.
  • According to the evaluation, junior developers currently earn an average of around 53,000 euros. After eight years of professional experience, almost a third more could be asked, namely 70,000 euros.
  • "Developers in management earn the most," announced the job platform. Backend, frontend and full stack developers followed. Knowledge of JavaScript is particularly in demand, followed by React, Java and Node.
  • Honeypot attested that the industry had a comparatively low gender pay gap: "On average, female developers in Germany earn 60,000 euros and male developers 64,000 euros."

This is where developers earn the most

  • The wage differences between the major German cities were particularly large for young professionals. The range was between 45,000 euros in Hamburg and 59,000 euros in Berlin. For developers with at least eight years of professional experience, the values ​​between 68,000 euros (Hamburg) and 71,000 euros (Munich) were almost at the same level. According to the analysis, software experts in the capital are particularly well off financially: "Berlin offers developers the best price-performance ratio with high salary offers and low cost of living."
  • The continuous increase in salaries was apparently not stopped by the corona pandemic. "Even in 2020, salaries went up," Honeypot noted.


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