What jobs do hackers have

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Can you easily break password-protected laptops, encrypted USB sticks and lock codes? The computer is your favorite pastime and you already have a desire to become a hacker? Excellent! bigCAREER shows how you get to the hacker job on official order.

Legal hacking in portrait

Potential points of attack abound in our digital world - malicious hackers could Steal customer data from online shops, Crack bank accounts or paralyze medical equipment. So that the so-called black hats of the hacker scene are not successful, there are also legal hackers who Discover and repair weak points in digital systems. In return, the white hats have an extra dose of creativity and the urge to discover, because they often have to find completely new ways to make systems attack-proof.

Career aspiration hacker: career opportunities

Not everyone peddles their career aspirations as a hacker, because the term hacker is often scandalized. Legal white hat hackers have a very important function: They make the internet safer. In professional life, however, many of those affected do not like to call themselves hackers. They use job titles like programmer, Developer or IT security consultant. The term penetration tester or pen tester is also common. The penetration test is a security test of network or computer systems. The system is specifically attacked in order to uncover security gaps and other vulnerabilities through which a malicious hacker could gain unauthorized access. The IT security consultant also checks and stresses finished security concepts with the help of the penetration test.