What is the significance of the study of forestry

Whether the Thuringian Forest, Bavarian Forest, Harz, Teutoburg Forest or the Black Forest National Park - Germany has a whole hodgepodge of famous forests. Would you like to help preserve and shape these ecosystems? Then the forestry degree is the best choice for you!

General information about studying forestry

The forest is one of the most fascinating ecosystems on the planet. The aim of the Bachelor's degree in Forestry is to train experts in its care and protection. Themes like Sustainability, nature and climate protection and the preservation of biodiversity are therefore the focus of the course. In addition, it is also about how the forest is designed as a recreational and leisure space and how its most important resource, Wood, obtained and used responsibly can be. The universities attach great importance to the fact that you gain practical experience in forestry. Practical semesters, but also preliminary internships, are therefore commonplace.

The content of the forestry course comes primarily from three areas: Natural science, social sciences and engineering. In the natural sciences, you are mainly concerned with forest biology courses such as forest botany and zoology, soil science, silviculture, etc. The social science content is characterized by either economics or political science, depending on the university. You will be faced with topics such as forest and environmental policy, forest management, timber market theory or public relations. The engineering sciences in the forestry degree mainly revolves around nature conservation, landscape management and wood technology. You can also choose your own priorities with a view to your future professional career. The universities differ a little here, which is why it makes sense to compare their module plans before you apply.

Usual modules in forestry studies

  • Tree physiology
  • Forest biology and hunting studies
  • Forest growth
  • Forest education
  • Forest and environmental economics
  • International forest management
  • Meteorology and Climatology
  • Conservation and environmental hydrology
  • Tree nursery
  • Law in the forest enterprise



  • Interest in forest and nature
  • Interest in economic contexts

Forestry is only offered at state universities, where the NC often decides who gets a place. Are in forestry Admission-free and restricted courses are about the same. If there is an NC, it is in the Two-part area. But there are also enough admission-free courses.

NC examples for forestry and timber industry

We have selected some NC examples from the last semesters for forestry for you, so you can get a quick overview:


Course of study



Waiting semester

University of Hamburg

Timber industry

Winter semester 2020/2021

all applicants admitted


TU Munich

Forest Science and Resource Management

Summer semester 2021



University of Freiburg

Forestry and the Environment

Winter semester 2020/2021



Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences

Forest engineering

Winter semester 2020/2021



Some universities require proof of a Pre-study internship. Sometimes you can do this during the first two semesters, but to get a better idea of ​​what the forestry profession entails, it is worth doing the internship before you start your studies. You don't need a hunting license for your studies.


State universities:

Summer semester: until January 15th
Winter semester: until July 15th

Private universities:

Private universities often set their deadlines individually so that the deadline can vary - sometimes application deadlines are extended again at the end.

The picture of the forester in a green jacket with the rifle over his shoulder who does nothing but roam through the forest all day is not true. If you are in the public or private forest management work, you may be out in the forest, but part of the job also takes place in the office. In addition to these classic areas of application, forestry graduates also work in Nature and environmental protection or the tourism branch. In the private sector there are job opportunities in companies Engineering or constructionthat are related to forestry. Also Wood purchasing and logistics are possibilities. If you would like to go abroad, the Development Assistance is another option.

Possible jobs and employers

  • Public or private forest management
  • Nature and environmental protection authorities
  • tourism branch
  • Timber trade
  • Academic research

Making generally valid statements about salary is always a difficult matter, because too many factors play a role in the remuneration after your studies: Industry, company size, location, department, position, degree, any professional experience, etc. - and of course yours too personal negotiation skills.

Salary examples for forestry and timber industry

To give you a better idea, we have selected a few exemplary information on the salary:



Age & Gender

Salary (gross)



23, male

1,968 euros


Logistics, transport, traffic

28, male

2,060 euros


Furniture, wood

29, male

2,757 euros

Timber trade

Wholesale, construction and furnishing

30, male

1,958 euros



38, male

2,578 euros

Source: Salary.de

But remember: These numbers are only exemplary! Use it as a guide for your own salary negotiation, but don't insist on a certain minimum amount. Because as already written above: A lot of factors play a role in your salary.

Duration: 4 semesters


  • Full time
  • Extra-occupational face-to-face study

Graduation: Master of Science (M.Sc.)



  • Completed bachelor's degree in forestry or
  • Completed bachelor's degree in a related field


  • Interest in forest and nature
  • Interest in economic contexts

In the master's you have the opportunity to become stronger specialize. The universities either offer different focuses as part of their forestry studies or have their own degree programs with different focuses in the program, e.g. European Forestry at the University of Freiburg. Often a certain minimum grade in the Bachelor is required for the master's application.

Evening and distance learning as an alternative

Are you already in the middle of your professional life but would like to continue your education alongside your job with a degree in forestry and wood management? Then there are various options for forestry and wood management in evening or distance learning. You can find all the important information on our partner portal studieren-berufsbegleitend.de.

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