Should I undercut my laptop's CPU

Reader article Instructions for undervolting current Intel + Nvidia notebooks

SurnameDevice nameCPUundervolt CPUundervolt iGPUPower limitsCinebench R15 MC
first and fifth runCinebench R15 SCGPUUndervoltingVRamR.A.MTimespy
graphicBaal NetbeckDell XPS 15
floori7 8750H
Boost 3.9-4.1GHz--28s-78W
permanent 56W1212
1106179GTX 1050ti Max-Qfloorfloor2x8GB 2666 CL192275Baal NetbeckDell XPS 15
-Dailyi7 8750H
Boost 3.9-4.1GHz-130.5mV-80mV14s-60W
permanent 30W1043
984179GTX 1050ti Max-Q1506MHz @ 800mV1750 at 1800MHz2x8GB 2666 CL192184Baal NetbeckDell XPS 15
overclockedi7 8750H
Boost 3.9-4.1GHz-140mV-80mV28s-78W
permanent 56W1260
1243179GTX 1050ti Max-Qcurve up to 1810 @ 950mV18902x8GB 2666 CL192386Köf3Dell Latitude E7250
permanent 15W270113---1x8GB
+ 1x4GB DDR3L 1600-Köf3Dell Latitude E7250
uncore -65mV-100 mv25W
permanent 15W269114---1x8GB
+ 1x4GB DDR3L 1600-Mystery1988MSI GF63 8RD Stocki7 8750H
Boost 3.9-4.1GHz --45W969 ?-GTX 1050ti Max-Q---1752Mystery1988MSI GF63 8RD UVi7 8750H
Boost 3.9-4.1GHz -150.4mV-
permanent 45W 1158 ?-GTX 1050ti Max-Q ---1489Baal NetbeckAsus Vivobook Pro 17
-floori7 8565U
Boost 3.9-4.6GHz--36W
However "VR Thermal Alert"and throttling to roughly 20-22W740
590195GTX 1050 2GB--2x8GB 2400 CL17Baal NetbeckAsus Vivobook Pro 17
-unlocked and undervoltedi7 8565U
Boost 3.9-4.6GHz-110.2mV-40mV10s 36W
permanent 18W670
640196GTX 1050 2GB1506MHz @ 775mV1750 at 1800MHz2x8GB 2400 CL17Taron
Dell Latitude 7400
Up to 4.8GHz--floor 15W?
Power Plan: Ultra performance606154UHD 620 Graphics--1x16GB
2666-TaronDell Latitude 7400
Up to 4.8GHz-120mV-80mVfloor 15W?
Power Plan: Ultra performance699177UHD 620 GraphicsiGPU -80 mV
iGPU Unslice -35 mV
System agent -10 mV -1x16GB