How Much Do FedEx Drivers Make

Courier, delivery driver

Provide couriers and delivery driversLetters and parcels if necessary, obtain acknowledgments of receipt and empty mailboxes. The distribution of brochures, catalogs, newspapers, magazines, advertisements or samples can also be part of your field of activity. If you are responsible for a courier service of an authority, they deliver documents, files, letters, materials and consignments to the responsible employees. Courier drivers also work for pharmacies and deliver urgent medicines.

In addition, they prepare deliveries for transport by scanning delivery notes or sorting incoming shipments in letter distribution centers according to delivery districts or PO boxes. They also load and unload delivery vehicles. Also thePlanning and organization of the delivery sequence, routes and means of transport can be part of their field of activity.

Couriers and delivery drivers are not to be confused with the profession of postmen, who as specialists also take on tasks in the office.

For food delivery services, delivery drivers deliver hot or cold dishes to order. Work in oneVending cart,so they offer the dishes asSales driver directly from this car and often stand in a fixed location instead of following a specific route.