Where can I download Pokemon Rom

Legal information about ROMs and emulators

The question of whether it is legal to use ROMs is not that easy to answer. (Note: This article applies to just on Gameboy Games.)

Basically, a ROM is just a copy of a game. Each copy is - provided that no copy protection is circumvented - legal (note there is a maximum number of copies allowed, which is different in each country). With special copiers you can save the content of a module on the PC. However, it is controversial whether the modules are copy-protected. On the one hand you can see the module itself as copy protection, on the other hand, from a technical point of view, there is no copy protection.

It is not possible for everyone to create a backup copy using this method. Most of them get their ROMs from the Internet. Strictly speaking, it's illegal - morally (and only if it's used as a copy - not if it's used instead of buying the game) unproblematic. If you lose your module, however, you must be able to prove that you bought the game. It is therefore best to always keep the original packaging and invoice in a safe place.

Because any download of ROMs (from commercially distributed games) is prohibited, it is also prohibited for testing purposes. Again and again the claim comes up that you can test it, but have to delete it after 24 hours. This claim is definitely wrong, after all, many games can be played through in 24 hours. Here, too, it is morally acceptable to download the games for testing.

Without a doubt, it is forbidden and also morally unjustifiable to use ROMs without having bought the original game and to distribute ROMs.

ROMs that are under a free license or public domain are excluded from this prohibition of downloading and distribution. You can find such ROMs under the further links.

If you want to save money and still want to have the games legally, you can buy them at EBay with a bit of risk but have a legal game. Make sure that you get the original packaging and preferably also the invoice. Ask if it is an original game so that you can claim it if you only get a fake.

The use of emulators themselves are legal. Nintendo has the patent on Gameboy emulators (US patent # 6672963) - patent infringements do not affect users, but manufacturers. Incidentally, in a precedent case, Nintendo lost to an emulation company. This patent also makes the use of emulators legal: you cannot patent anything that is illegal.