How are fish women

The fish woman

Ruled by Neptune, the planet of beauty and mystery, she is very feminine, sensual, intuitive and approachable. Her understanding makes her sympathize with the worries of other people. It is never left uninvolved; she seems to experience the feelings of others and responds more to inner truth than to outer appearance. Never try to deceive them. She has magical powers and knows the truth. Because of her unusual sensitivity, she is drawn to the occult; Most palm readers, clairvoyants, spiritualists and media come from the ranks of the fish women. Experience has taught them that they can rely on their “premonitions”. The veil of mystery that surrounds them can be deceiving. Her strange, bewitching nature inevitably attracts men, but she is basically dependent and clings to the main character in her life. She needs constant reassurance that she is loved. She pays her partner for this with the lavish benefits of a truly sensual nature. The positive characteristics of this zodiac sign are not those of an active person, but are rooted in dreams and longings. The fish woman shies away from the noisy world of conflict and trial of strength. In the power struggle, she is subtle. She has an uncanny knack for dealing with people, especially influential, important people. Since she appears innocent and helpless, she arouses protective instincts. In order to secure the support of a man whose help she needs, she does not hesitate to ensnare him. She understands and applies the art of using her body to get what she wants. She falls in love all too easily, but unfortunately almost never chooses the right one. Even if she is happily married, her strong sex drive leads to extramarital love affairs. Usually her somewhat unpredictable affection is genuine, and in expressing her love she can be delicate and delightful. As a rule, she marries a soft, uninspiring man. She feels best at home with him. But with her lively imagination she longs for a lover of a different kind, for a mixture of Lord Byron and a pirate, a man with a romantic aura, a brutal, direct nature and a phallic sword. She wants this dream lover to snatch her away from her boyish husband. The fish woman has something of a mermaid who uses all her feminine charms to arouse the interest of a new man. This proves that she is sexually attractive. But often she gets scared of the men she has attracted and then tries to evade the advances and withdraw. Exceptions are the boyish type, whom she need not fear, and the influential man, whom she needs for some purpose. She is an actress who can take on any role. Sometimes she plays it so well that it is difficult to distinguish the real personality from the assumed one and to recognize the real person under the mask. With this talent and her active fantasy life, she can make a career in the theater. She is unhappy when she cannot reconcile her sexual fantasy with reality. Many fish women can be found among nude models, striptease dancers, painters of erotic images and authors of sex novels. Some fishing women become prostitutes. In her opinion, when they provide sexual relief to frustrated men, they serve humanity. The Piscean woman can also be a good, loving wife, because she has the wonderful gift of making those around her happy. She makes them a lovely home and loves her children, but tends to spoil them too much. She also knows very well how to deal with the sick; many fish women are excellent doctors and nurses. Unfortunately, something is driving her to pick the wrong man over and over again. Sometimes it almost seems like she is destined to be disappointed again and again in matters of the heart. This can be dangerous for her, because because of her emotional instability, she cannot cope with long-term tension and bad luck. She easily gets on the verge of a nervous breakdown. She is impractical and has little understanding of money issues. She gives gifts to buy the recognition she has longed for. Unlucky people attract them because they feel their compassion and willingness to help. She helps whoever asks her, but her efforts must be recognized. She applies high, often unrealistic standards to those close to her, and she believes in her friends until absolutely imperative circumstances shake this complete trust. Then you have to beware of her, because she can become vengeful.
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