I deserve to be loved

Everyone deserves to be loved with all their hearts

Last update: 28th August, 2017

If you love me, then love me completely.
Do not differentiate between light and dark sides.
If you love me then love me in black and white
And gray and green
and blonde and brown.
Love me in the day
Love me in the night
And in the morning with the window open!
If you love me then don't just take a part of me.
Love me completely ... or you don't love me at all!

- Dulce María Loynaz

We are not incomplete beings. We don't need a better half to be happy. We are oranges, lemons, peaches and countless other fruits that roll through the world on our own.

Sometimes we are lucky enough to find another fruit that moves in tune with our rhythm. Then we start to take the first steps together, walks that last our whole life or that end suddenly.

A peach can go perfectly with an orangewhen both are willing to lead a life together and are able to respect their differences and similarities.

Love and respect go hand in hand

"If you lock up your own suffering, then you risk that it will eat you up from within."

Frida Kahlo

Disney submits us to this deceptive idea of ​​love and "better halves" to the point where we believe that such half-hearted love stories are normal. But if we are only looking for that kind of love, then we are condemned to loneliness.

If you have half-hearted thoughts, how "I love him now, not now," or "Maybe I'll be more interested tomorrow," creep in, the outlook for our relationship is bad. If you love, love completely and give yourself completely as long as it is healthy.

It's not just a matter of principle, but also of respect and self-esteem. It is neither fair nor healthy to give love without receiving it and not give us good feelings.

We agree that love should be altruistic, but this does not mean, and does not want to, mean being taken advantage of. So if you find yourself suffering from not getting enough back, then the time has come to start thinking about giving up the relationship.

Everyone deserves to be loved with all their hearts

“You deserve a love that likes you to be unkempt, with everything that defines you, and that takes away all this pressure from you that all these ghosts cause that keep you from sleeping.
You deserve a love that gives you security, that doesn't mind the world as long as it goes by your side and where you can feel that your hugs fit perfectly with your skin.
You deserve a love that wants to dance with you, that makes you step into paradise every time it looks you in the eye, and that never gets bored reading your facial expressions.
You deserve a love that listens to you when you sing, that supports you in your ridiculousness, that respects your freedom and accompanies you on your flight, that is not afraid of the fall.
You deserve a love that brings no lies, that brings you illusion, coffee and poetry. "

Frida Kahlo

It's not about the other having to like every part of you, it's about that the one who really loves you is not trying to change you or manipulate you. Every little gesture that makes something special out of our being and our world deserves attention.

We have to allow our companion to love us how he wants it and not how we want it, but at the same time we always fly on with our wings of freedom. Nobody has the right to hurt us or play the wrong game with us.

In this sense, we cannot let ourselves be carried away by our needs or our idea of ​​ideal love, but rather need to build a solid foundation of respect, acceptance and reciprocity.

We don't deserve to be half loved. We deserve to be shown that we are loved, and for this reason we need to turn off our selfishness. Simply put, real love doesn't take advantage of anyone.

“Being loved makes us strong. Loving makes us brave."

Lao Tse