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Software engineer - Software developer in the broadest sense is any person who is involved in the creation of software. The term is not sharply defined.

The specific tasks of a software developer depend on the role that he takes on in the software development team. A software developer can also have several roles.

A software developer can fill one or more of the roles listed at the same time. It depends on how the software development process is organized in his or her team.

If software developers limit themselves to the implementation of the software without their own direct cooperation in the design of the software architecture, they are referred to as programmers.

Software architect
A software architect designs the structure of software systems and makes fundamental decisions about the interaction of their various components. A software architect views the software system from a more abstract level than a programmer.

A tester or test engineer is a person who performs software tests or designs an entire test strategy for the system.

Requirements specialist
A requirements specialist, often called a requirements engineer, is a person who has specialized in the recording of requirements or who has the task of performing the requirements analysis.

Programmer and software developer
Colloquially, there is often no distinction between the terms "programmer" and "software developer", but they are not synonymous. The term software developer often means programmers, but conversely one does not speak of programmers when, for example, software architects or testers are meant.

Job title
Software developer is not a protected job title in Germany or Austria. According to German law, the job title software engineer can only be used by those who have successfully completed a technical degree. [1]

education and study
Software developers have often completed a degree in computer science at a university or a vocational academy. Studying in an engineering or natural science course also offers entry opportunities into software development. Furthermore, there is the possibility of training in an IT apprenticeship e.g. B. to qualify as an IT specialist for application development at a vocational school (see for example IHK), at a technical school for data processing and organization (e.g. ADV Böblingen) or a vocational college for software developers, software engineers or software architects.
Since 2007 there has been a state-recognized training program for mathematical-technical software developers in Germany, which emerged from the mathematical-technical assistant. In Aachen, Cologne and Jülich, it is possible to combine training with the Bachelor's degree in "Scientific Programming".
In addition, many lateral entrants also practice this activity due to skills learned self-taught or acquired through various training courses (including retraining).

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