What is a global teacher

Global learning as an educational challenge

This technical article on global learning highlights its importance as an alternative to the current educational mandate of pedagogy and educational science and encourages its use in the classroom.

Global learning is the educational answer to the process of globalization. It aims to make global interrelationships understandable and to bring global topics into the classroom. It arises from the insight that conventional upbringing and education are not in a position to equip future generations with the knowledge, skills and insights they need to cope with their tasks in a networked and complex world society. The learning approach is interdisciplinary and methodologically diverse.

Acquisition of skills and key qualifications

Global learning stands for critical, self-reflective, responsible and action-oriented learning and aims to convey the diversity of people to schoolchildren. In doing so, misanthropic ideologies are invalidated and the equality of all people is assumed. Historical dimensions of global inequality are addressed in order to understand and change existing international power and dependency relationships: Who benefits from the unequal power relationships and who doesn't? The learning approach and the associated acquisition of skills go beyond teaching practice that mediates cognitive learning goals and can be described as a pedagogical program of personality development in the context of global society. The program is inseparable from the acquisition of new ...