Is it normal not to feel anything every day?

Lazing around can be so beautiful: 20 facts about being a lazy person

1 Relaxing in perfection: Powernap

LAZY IN PERFECTION. Sleeping for 20 minutes in between is super refreshing. The nap is THE secret weapon against the afternoon low at work and increases productivity by 35 percent. Dear bosses, that would be a great investment that refreshes idleness!

2 tea time

POWER OF HERBS. Tea is an uncomplicated way to treat yourself to a lazy break from everyday life. Herbs such as hops, lemon balm and lavender have a balancing effect and calm the nerves. Brew, enjoy the scent and drink slowly. It's not for nothing that people say: wait and see and drink tea. This is a delicious way to laze around.

3 Boredom makes lazy people angry

NOT AT ALL DEAD. When laziness turns into boredom, it is extremely exciting for researchers. In contrast to simple feelings such as joy, boredom is very complex and manifests itself e.g. B. in restlessness, indolence or even anger.

4 How much free time do we have?

ON AVERAGE it's four hours. Families have the least amount of free time at 3.1 hours, while retirees and young people have the most free time at 4.5 hours.

5 The slacker per se: an animal

HANGING OUT IN PEACE. The king of idleness is actually pretty clever. The cozy sloth hangs motionless in the tops of the trees in Central and South America and moves very slowly and only as much as necessary. The sloth consumes extremely little energy and can live on the nutrient-poor leaves of the treetops, which other animals disdain. The thrifty sloth is so slow that it attaches moss and its fur shimmers green. A great camouflage that makes it almost invisible to predators like the eagle in the treetops.

6 Lazing around is nice

A SONG ON YOUR LIPS. Tune in to the Disney classic "The Jungle Book": "Try it comfortably. You chase away everyday life and worries with peace and comfort. ”Do you notice how you relax? No wonder! Singing helps to let go and enjoy lazing around. From a scientific point of view, it is like this: breathing slows down, happiness hormones are released. Even Pippi Longstocking knows that. The cheeky redhead lives carefree into the day as a lazy man and warns happily: "Lazing around is wonderful!"

7 vacation

NOTHING WAY. We take time to do nothing when traveling. For 60 percent of Germans, lounging around is their favorite vacation activity. The sound of the sea and palm trees or green forests are true sources of relaxation: we prefer to relax idly in nature. Regeneration also takes time and increases with the duration of the break. Experts therefore recommend long vacations of two to three weeks

8 Who is the Lazy World Champion?

ONLY DO NOT MOVE. The world's largest slackers live in Malta. 72 percent of the residents spend less than 30 minutes of their daily leisure time here. Germany, on the other hand, is in the middle with only 28 percent of its idle Men are more active than women in their free time.

9 Relaxing in a spa

A GUEST IN BELGIUM. In the 16th century, British vacationers drove to the Belgian spa town of Spa for soothing spas to relax. The word spa was then gradually added to other health resorts, similar to the German “bath”. Today, facilities with wellness offers are referred to as spas.

10 Social lazing around

YOU DO IT. Scientists have found that as part of a group, we get lazy. The reason: In the team, our own performance is not visible, so we try less and then let the others do the lazy work. This phenomenon is called social lounging.

11 laughs

HELPS SWITCH OFF.Children laugh an average of 400 times a day. Adults only 15 times. It's a shame, because experts say: Only those who are often happy and are in good company can clear their heads. Let's learn from the little ones to laugh, daydream and count the clouds in the sky.

12 Relaxing as relaxation

BEST EVERY DAY. Medical professionals recommend resting, lounging and doing nothing for at least 15 minutes a day. The Italians know how good that is and call it “dolce far niente” (“sweet idleness”). The Spaniards have a "siesta" at noon and the Caribbean even has a verb for it: "limen".

13 Lazy Day

GOOD TO KNOW. On August 10th it's time to stay in bed or lounge comfortably on the couch and just laze around. Because then it is world lazy day. We believe that whenever it falls on a working day, it cannot be a coincidence ...

14 What's going on in your head?

LAID DOWN IS AN OPPORTUNITY FOR THE BRAIN for the processing of information and promotes the intellectual performance. This is also one reason why children so often fall into daydreams: It helps with thinking!

15 procrastination

TOMORROW IS ALSO A DAY. True to the motto “Actually, I had big plans today, now I have big plans for tomorrow”, almost 50 percent of Germans regularly do unpleasant tasks at the last minute. What helps are tidiness, a to-do list and small rewards.

16 Using free time

WHAT DO YOU DO IN YOUR FREE TIME? Watching TV, listening to music, reading: over 97 percent of the population regularly use the media in their free time. This is followed by meeting friends with 73 percent.

17 sleep

OFF TO BED. Our need for sleep decreases over the course of life. While infants still sleep a good 16 hours, seniors only need around 6 hours to feel fit. Women need more sleep than men, and the night's sleep is longer in winter than in summer. Overall, we overslept for almost 25 years in the course of our lives.

18 bingo

PLAY AGAIN. Would you have thought that? Most players cite recreation as a reason for playing bingo. Sitting together in good company and waiting for balls - sounds nice.

19 Fairytale sluggish

GRIMM'S FAIRYTALES. In the famous collection of folk poetry, the story “The Three Spinners” is about a terribly lazy girl who did not want to spin. Your end? She was married by the king and never lifted a finger again.

20 lazy trends

RELAXATION AT THE PULSE OF THE TIME. New relaxation therapies are offered every week. But what is behind the trend terms? When floating, you swim motionless in complete darkness on salt water. All stimuli are switched off. If that's too quiet for you, treat yourself to a Wambo-Mambo massage: The technique of the Australian natives loosens the deep muscles. Warmth, sound and scent come together in Indian Farcandling, in which a candle is lit in the ear - unusual!