Which is better IT or computer science

Studying computer science or business informatics?

One thing is certain: you want to study computer science. But you are not yet one hundred percent sure whether you want to study computer science or business informatics. We can't give you an answer to that, but we can present both courses in comparison.

It is probably a question that preoccupies many high school graduates who struggle with choosing a course of study, but the tendency is towards “something with computer science”: Should I study computer science or business informatics?

What do I learn in a computer science degree?

Computer science is one of the most popular courses in Germany - no wonder, because after the course there are also excellent career prospects, as our everyday life is now permeated by information technology. And not only that: more research, more tinkering, more programming is carried out every day in order to bring new technological innovations to the market. The computer science course is designed accordingly.

It's about pure IT, the pure technical aspects such as programming languages ​​and system technology, data and network structures, information technology, software quality assurance, web development, IT security, communication technology and so on. For outsiders and those who are not interested, the subject may seem very analytical and complicated, but there are enough practical learning units in the course in which the computer science students can try their hand at and tinker with a lot.

Those who decide to study computer science also have the opportunity to set different priorities. The focus on business informatics is one of them. In this case, a computer science degree with a focus on business informatics may even be a good alternative to a pure business informatics degree. Because the weighting of business administration and computer science varies depending on the course provider. For example, the ratio can be 70 percent business administration and 30 percent IT. For those who find that too much business administration, studying computer science with a focus on business informatics is a good alternative.

In any case, find out beforehand whether this focus is offered at the university of your choice.

What do I learn in a business informatics degree?

In a business informatics course, besides the usual informatics contents, above all business administration contents are taught. In the first semesters of the course you will learn both the basics in computer science and the basics in business administration. What is that supposed to do? In this way, both disciplines are linked and that is particularly important for companies. Companies work with a wide variety of software that is adapted to their industry and needs.

Such software must of course be developed, also with a view to keeping it affordable, but there must also be specialists who can explain the software to the users in a company. The reverse is also true: New software is tried out by users, for example, and some impractical or user-unfriendly properties are found. Or users would like additional tools that the computer scientists should program. A business IT specialist is able to understand both sides and to convey the respective wishes and needs but also the function of software of the other side.

Business IT specialists act, so to speak, as intermediaries between IT specialists and companies or software users. So if you feel like interacting a lot with customers, conveying, explaining and providing advice instead of just tinkering and programming, then a business informatics degree might be right for you. In any case, you should be interested in both areas: IT and business administration.

The decision is yours

Ultimately, we cannot answer your question as to whether you should study computer science or business informatics for you. What matters is where your interests and strengths lie, what you want to do and where you see yourself in the future.

Both subjects offer good career prospects, both subjects deal with computer science - but the subject of business informatics has a large proportion of business management content in the curriculum that should be of interest.

If you are unsure, it sometimes helps best to get an overview without any obligation. Take a look at our database with numerous universities and courses of study. Maybe there is something that laughs at you straight away?

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