How are rival gangs separated in prison

NDR Info News from 07/30/2019:

Searching for a motive after a fatal attack in Frankfurt

Frankfurt am Main: After the fatal attack on an eight-year-old at the main train station in the Hessian city, the suspect's motive is still unclear. The 40-year-old had pushed the boy and his mother onto the tracks in front of an ICE train; only the woman could save herself. So far, the man has not commented on the case, said a spokeswoman for the Frankfurt prosecutor. The Federal Ministry of the Interior confirmed that the suspect is Eritrean. Interior Minister Seehofer wants to consult with the chiefs of the security authorities in Berlin during the day. | 07/30/2019 02:00 am

Scholz wants to expand the fight against money laundering

Berlin: The federal government wants to expand the fight against money laundering. Finance Minister Scholz spoke in the newspapers of the Funke Mediengruppe about a serious problem that had to be resolved. The SPD politician said that the real estate market in particular had to be looked at more closely. According to him, the government wants to pass a corresponding law tomorrow. It provides, among other things, to oblige more professional groups than before to report suspected money laundering and to take precautionary measures. These include real estate agents, precious metal dealers and auction houses. | 07/30/2019 02:00 am

Sturgeon: Johnson is aiming for no-deal Brexit

Edinburgh: The Scottish Prime Minister Sturgeon has rated British Prime Minister Johnson's Brexit course as dangerous for her region and the whole of the United Kingdom. They assume that Johnson, despite assurances to the contrary, is seeking Britain's exit from the EU without a contract, said Sturgeon after a meeting with the prime minister. According to her, Scotland continues to prepare for a second independence referendum. In the first vote in 2014, 55 percent of citizens were against separating from Great Britain. | 07/30/2019 02:00 am

Prisoner gangs killed in fighting in Brazil

Rio de Janeiro: At least 52 people have been killed in fighting between rival gangs in a prison in northern Brazil. According to the authorities, two guards in Altamira prison had meanwhile been taken hostage. Security forces were able to free the men. Deadly clashes and mutinies occur again and again in the overcrowded prisons in Brazil 07/30/2019 02:00 am

Soccer: Bielefeld - St. Pauli draw

Regarding sport: At the end of the first match day in the second Bundesliga, Arminia Bielefeld and FC St. Pauli parted in a draw. The game ended in the evening 1: 1. | 07/30/2019 02:00 am

Germany weather

It is often loosened up, partly clear and mostly dry in the west, otherwise there are still a few strong showers and thunderstorms. Lowest temperatures of 20 to 11 degrees. During the day bright to cloudy, especially from Saxony to Schleswig-Holstein also showers or thunderstorms. Maximum values ​​22 to 32 degrees. The further prospects: On Wednesday partly clear, partly cloudy with showers or thunderstorms, in the southwest mostly dry at 20 to 29 degrees. | 07/30/2019 02:00 am