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E-Learning Platforms: The # 1 Market Overview

2. Specialized thematic platforms

In addition to the major video course providers, there are numerous platforms with E-learning content on special topics, so with a limited range of courses.

Do it here often texts and presentations make up a major part of the courses; sometimes there are also live webinars on specific dates. If you are looking for a specific topic, it can still be an important source of learning.

  • Open SAP: Free courses on the well-known ERP software (more)
  • Microsoft: Course offerings for IT administrators (more)
  • Google future workshop: Digital courses for website operators (more)
  • VHS learning portal: German courses at the adult education center (more)
  • IHK advanced training courses: Individual e-learning content can be filtered using the "advanced search" function (continue)
  • Dekra Academy: Dekra's virtual academy offers individual online offers, e.g. on the subject of occupational safety (more)
  • TÜV Academy: Individual, predominantly technology / job-specific e-learning content (more)
  • Haufe online trainings: Selection of individual professional training topics, often as a webinar only on certain dates (more)
  • Herkert Academy: Limited offer of individual webinars, e.g. on construction / real estate (more)
  • Bibliomed Campus: Courses for hospital and care, mainly for companies for employee training (more)
  • Pflege-Kurse.de: Nursing and elderly care, mostly text content (more)
  • Barmer health courses: Various courses for prevention and health, but only for those insured with Barmer health insurance (continue). The AOK program works similarly (continue)
  • Argumentorik soft skills courses: Various courses on rhetoric, presentations and body language (more)
  • Interpreter courses: A course offered by the department at Mainz University (more)
  • Linguistics: Virtual linguistics content of the University of Marburg, in English (more)
  • Kosmos nature courses: Offers about animals and other nature topics (more)
  • Church learning platform: Congregational letters, church websites and more (more)
  • UfU environmental courses: Various educational offers on renewable energies (more)
  • Data protection guru: Further training on the subject of GDPR (more)
  • Driving license: Preparation for the vehicle theory test for learner drivers (more)
  • Forklifts / work platforms: Annual online instruction for operators, offered by Meyer Lift (more)
  • Sportbootführerschein.de: The title tells you what this is about (continue)
  • Fitness room: Sports courses in short individual lessons (more)
  • Meaning seeker esoteric courses: Online courses on spirituality, esotericism and related topics, the provider is part of the Bertelsmann Group (more)

The Austrian learning platform iMoox also offers various free courses

3. Online lectures from universities

Many German and international universities are drawing Lectures on video on. Some records are then even open to everyone. There are no tests, certificates or discussion forums there. But the lectures are always free of charge.

You can find them open lectures in the course directory under "Lecture video".

Further lectures, but only for students: At many universities you can also University intern retrieve the lecture recordings. To do this, you have to use your own student ID to be registered

This applies, for example, to the LMU Munich, Uni Cologne, Uni Frankfurt, RWTH Aachen, Uni Hamburg, FU Berlin, Uni Bayreuth or Uni Erfurt. The Bavarian universities also operate the VHB course portal.

Further training at YouTube - only useful for getting started

Of course, there are also countless learning channels on YouTube. Some things are suitable for quick learning in between or for one first entry in a subject.

For a serious training project is YouTube usually less suitable. The lecturers are not always trustworthy - after all, anyone can upload a learning video. Inquiries, certificates and exams are of course also not possible.

The separate area started by YouTube in 2009 YouTube EDU now leads only a shadowy existence. The separate offer for English-speaking teachers is also no longer actively operated.

Employee training for companies: use your own content or existing online training?

A) Own content:

Many employees are familiar with or e-learning Web-Based Training (WBTs) from her job. Large companies have now set up internal platforms, but they do only for your own employees are intended. These include well-known companies such as Allianz, Douglas, REWE and Volkswagen as well as numerous medium-sized companies.

B) Use existing online trainings:

The major international platforms also have special ones E-learning offers for companies in stock, which are generally accessible to every company worldwide. More about the 8 most important offers in this overview.

Professor Jörn Loviscach explains the possibilities of e-learning

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