How are Indians treated in Singapore

After a student was mass raped in India, the 23-year-old victim was flown to Singapore for medical treatment. The seriously injured young woman had been transferred to a special clinic for organ transplants, reported the IANS news agency. Her parents are with her.

The decision was made when the young woman's condition worsened. She had previously been operated on several times; part of her bowel had been removed.

The student was raped on December 16 in a bus by six drunk men and beaten almost to death with an iron bar. According to doctors, she suffered serious internal injuries. The alleged perpetrators were arrested.

The case had led to violent protests in India in the past few days. In the capital Delhi, a police officer died on Sunday after a beating attack. More than 100 other people were injured.

The protesters protest against the extent of the violence and accuse the authorities of not doing enough to address rape and other sexual assault. The protests also called for the death penalty for rapists. The crime in India carries a life sentence.

The government wants the rape of the student to be investigated by a commission headed by a former judge. According to critics, however, the police are said to have put pressure on the judge. Another commission is to make proposals for changes in criminal law.

Earlier this week, police arrested ten men for another gang rape in rural Tamil Nadu. The victim was a 20-year-old woman.