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Facebook's new timeline format is knocking out online marketers.

The old adage, "If you leave an old path for a new one, you know what to leave, but you don't know what to find," is proven by Facebook's latest takeover of the Timeline. The more social media savvy brands, who were used to building striking functionality into their important first pages, now notice that they are limited to a billboard: a static image with a wide aspect ratio with a small insert on the lower left.

Predictably, polls showed that more than 70 percent of Facebook users despise the timeline layout, and if the poll had been done among online marketers, the percentage would have been far higher. This unbridled hatred does not only exist for strictly aesthetic reasons, but because of the massive restrictions Facebook has placed on the front page layouts, which limits most of the marketing functions. Here's why users are so angry, and rightly so:

Kills any meaningful content above the page break
Online Marketing 101 shows us that the most successful place to place content that you want to prominently display, such as registration forms for email newsletters, is at the top of the page known as "above the page break".

The Facebook timeline layout neutralizes any benefit to marketers as there is no way to reconfigure the page and you are therefore limited to just showing a nice picture ... and an un-clickable picture at that. But it gets worse. When most marketers upload your picture, they find out the picture is….
Incredibly out of focus
Go and snap a picture with the highest resolution you can get from your 18MP EOS 60D Canon camera, upload it to Facebook as a timeline cover, and prepare to pass out instantly. Your great photo has turned into a blurry, grainy, and fuzzy image that looks like it was taken on a cheap $ 20 camera and then enlarged ten times.

Even if you pre-format your image precisely to 851 × 315 pixels to fit the size of the section, you will find that Facebook considerately degrades the quality of your image to the point where you will cry.
Show 3 pages of thumbnails, hide the rest
With the timeline layout, Facebook gives you the option to arrange your pages however you want, as long as it is the way Facebook wants it. The pages that were previously listed on the left bar are now thumbnails.

You will think this is an improvement until you find out that the first page is photos (and cannot be moved) and then you only have 3 pages left to be shown. You can have more thumbnails to access your other pages, but those are hidden under a perfectly small, unintuitive arrow with a number that shows how many pages you have left and nothing more.
What is Facebook thinking?
The timeline layout itself appears to be designed in a reality-free zone where all mobile devices can display 851 pixel images, while obviously ignoring the fact that most smartphone users are forced to scroll horizontally until they give up and leave the page frustrated.

At this point, a lot of online marketers wanted to grab Mark Zuckerberg by his second hand t-shirt and ask him what the hell he was thinking. Driven by an inappropriate desire to standardize the layout of his social network, he has created an informal monster that neutralizes the effective strategies employed by online marketers.

With a large number of these online marketers comparing the new timeline layout to a proper kick in the face, Facebook is sure to ... do nothing at all.

According to all the data from the social network, the timeline layout is here to stay, leaving the rest of us stuck with fuzzy cover photos and awkward page layouts until Facebook goes the same way as Webvan.com, Pets.com and Kozmo.com goes.

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