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Magic, Records & Trash Talk

Imagine conquering the basketball world in two simple words. "I'm back" were the only words Michael Jordans had to fax to the Chicago Bulls in 1995 when he decided to get his Air Jordans out of the closet again.

But instead of coming back with the number 23, His Airness wore the number 45 first because its trademark has already been withdrawn by the Bulls. By the time he stepped down for the first time at the age of 29, Jordan had already won three titles, scored 21,541 points and set a bunch of NBA records. After his comeback in March, it was not until May that MJ carried his 23 on his back again.

In addition to the temporary change in number, there are a few other anecdotes about Jordan's unique career. For the 20th anniversary of his comeback, we have collected more anecdotes from His Airness.

Michael Jordan: He did it again!

  • In his youth, "Magic" was his nickname. Jordan adored Lakers star Magic Johnson so much that a former girlfriend had a license plate made with the nickname on it.
  • Between 1986 and 1989 Jordan scored 8,542 points and only needed 46 threes. Times have changed. By comparison, Kevin Durant scored 6,723 points and sank 464 threes between 2011 and 2014.
  • Jordan actually wanted to wear the 45 in high school, but then decided on the 23 because his older brother was already wearing the 45. Young Jordan then took 23 because it's roughly half of 45.
  • He is just one of two wingers who have played at least 100 blocks for multiple seasons in NBA history. (The other was George Gervin)
  • Jordan often wore his UNC shorts under the Bulls pants at games.
  • The best pictures of the career of NBA legend Michael Jordan: G.O.A.T.!
  • During a game against the Utah Jazz, a fan took on Jordan. After a dunk about Utah Guard John Stockton, the fan got up and asked Jordan, "Why don't you dunk about someone as tall as you?" In the next attack, Jordan then dunked center Mel Turpin and asked the fan: "Is it big enough?"
  • There have only been three seasons in history in which a player scored at least 900 field goals and 100 threesomes. Jordan made it twice.
  • His nine seasons with at least 2,400 points are the highest in NBA history. In addition to Wilt Chamberlain, who after all had seven seasons with so many points, no other player has more than three.
  • His airness was a defensive guru. He scored at least 220 steals in six seasons. That is also a record.
  • In his last season, as a 40-year-old, Jordan scored three games with more than 40 points, in which he hit an average of 56.1 percent of his throws. He is the only 40-year-old to have scored 40 points in an NBA game.

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