What happens if I refreeze ground beef

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Is it not allowed to freeze defrosted food again? Really? Which foods you can freeze a second time and which foods you should leave it with.

Status: 04.02.2021

Do not refreeze defrosted food - this kitchen myth persists. We can, however, freeze some things again. However, sensitive foods such as raw fish or raw meat, especially minced meat or poultry, should not be frozen a second time. We can cook defrosted raw meat and then freeze it again. We shouldn't refreeze anything that has been cooked in the kitchen at room temperature for a long time.

The food always loses liquid when it is thawed and this is sometimes accompanied by a loss of quality. However, freezing bread or vegetables and fruit a second time does not pose any health risks.

In accordance with the regulation for frozen foods, the warning "Do not freeze again" must be printed on many frozen products. The German deep-freeze institute explains the background to this information:

"This information is a precautionary measure so that thawed products are consumed immediately and not stored for longer periods at plus temperatures before re-freezing, where they are exposed to increased germ formation."

German deep-freeze institute

Freezing does not kill many germs

Basically: "It always depends on how fresh the food is," says Daniela Krehl, nutritionist at the Bavarian Consumer Center. The low temperatures in the freezer do not kill bacteria and germs, only prevent them from growing quickly.

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Special care is required with minced meat - we should not refreeze defrosted minced meat raw.

If you thaw the food again, bacteria have perfect conditions to multiply - this would happen again the second time it is thawed.

Nutrition expert Krehl therefore advises: "Only flawless food can be frozen again. It is best to have a cooking process in between." So you can cook a sauce from frozen minced meat and then freeze it again.

"Cooking kills the bacteria, then you can freeze it again without any problems."

Daniela Krehl, nutrition expert at the Bavarian Consumer Center

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