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Legendary watches: what our movie heroes wear on their wrists

The clock in Harold Lloyd's silent film comedy Skyscrapers, of all things!from 1923 is not only easy to recognize. She actually plays a major role in the film. Because in the most famous scene of the classic, Lloyd's protagonist hangs by its pointer from the facade of a twelve-story skyscraper. Of course, in the end he wants to impress a woman with his climb. In most cases, it's the other way around in the cinema: the watch hangs on the hero's wrist. It is harder to see there. In the best of cases, however, it is a benefit for everyone involved as a product placement.

Because clocks in films say something about the character of the person, just like in real life, just like clothing or the choice of means of transport. They reflect the hero's style decisions - and further paint the figure outlined by the plot. Example James Bond and his Rolex and Omegas: Ideally, the film character also contributes to the image of the watch brand in return. When the popularity and demand for make and model increase, no one is angry on the manufacturer's side. And the film production company also benefits. You save a considerable sum on the cost of props. Especially with action films, it is advisable to have one or the other spare watch ready. That quickly becomes expensive.

Nerd watches, dress watches, tool watches for action films and, in some rarer cases, also watches that are not only accessories but also crucial for the film story: We have compiled the best-known and most interesting movie watches and their stories.

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Back to the future - Casio CA53-W Twincept Databank

Yes, yes, we could have gotten in with a more luxurious watch. But first, the quartz watch is from Casiofeatured prominently on the film poster with built-in calculator (Michael J. Fox alias Marty McFly stares at it and his jaw drops down. Because of the time travel, less because of the gadget that was hot at the time). Robert Zemecki's film made the more useful than beautiful time indicator socially acceptable in 1985. Second, the watch reappeared on the screen in 2019 as an accessory of the "80s super geek" type: Mike Wheeler (Finn Wolfhard) appears in season 3 of Stranger Things to wear one. Third: Casio is still available to buy today. Just as she looked in the 1985 film. And not at moon prices as a collector's item. But for 33.99 euros on Amazon.

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The greatest luxury is one that cannot be bought for all the money in the world. So the situation with the virtual clock of the getaway car driver played by Ryan Gosling is in Drive. According to the production designer of the movie, this is one Patek Philippe. However, not a model that can be bought. Because: If a real Patek had broken while shooting, it would have left a significant dent in the budget. Patek Philippe likes to reach for the ceiling when it comes to haute horlogerie, and such luxurious craftsmanship comes at a price to match. Strictly speaking, the Patek from the film, which does not exist, is even more expensive. It is simply priceless.

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Daylight - Panerai Luminor

You are used to that from the action heroes of the 80s: They knock everything and everyone out. In Sylvester Stallone's case: even watch manufacturers. Supplied until 1993 Panerai the Italian Navy with clocks. When the contract expired and civilians were to be the new class of buyers, the business allegedly stumbled for a while. Stallone, however, bought a Panerai Luminor in Rome and wore it in his next film Daylight, then gave away Panerais engraved to friends - and after so much muscular PR, the shop ran like clockwork.

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Batman Begins - Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Grande Taille

Bruce Wayne has been wearing the luxury watches from the manufacturer from Le Sentier in Switzerland for 15 years. The co-op began in 2005 with Joel Schumacher's "Batman Forever"". Back then, Val Kilmer was still playing the billionaire villain hunt - and took advantage of it Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso grande waist also for video telephony with butler Alfred (no, that was not a complication that could be bought). Bruce Wayne remained a customer of Jaeger-LeCoultre in the trilogy directed by Christopher Nolan. The reversible case of the Reverso (By the way, invented so that polo players don't break their glasses) is symbolically quite suitable for a Playboy with Batcave. Speaking of Batman: Alfred wears one in “Dawn of Justice” Breitling Bentley 6.75 Midnight Carbon - a massive chronograph, the result of the collaboration between the two luxury manufacturers. You'd have to be a butler.

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Apocalypse Now - Seiko 6105 and Rolex GMT Master Ref. 1675

The "Captain Willard" will be the 6105 of Seiko also called. The diving watch classic was one of the favorite watches of the US soldiers in the Vietnam War (probably also because it was sold in the Army base gates). Director Francis Ford Coppola gave Captain Willard (Martin Sheen), the main character of his anti-war film, this authentic accessory. Willard's opponent, Colonel Kurtz, who ruled the jungle as a warlord, was played by Marlon Brando. The eccentric insisted on wearing his own watch in the movie, one RolexGMT Master Ref. 1675 (Brando had scratched his name on the back of the watch like an elementary school student). On the part of the production, there was concern that the watch might be too conspicuous (which is funny because Brando, who is too corpulent for the role, was only filmed in semi-darkness anyway). In any case, the actor - to avoid another quarrel with Coppola - unceremoniously blew the bezel off and kept it on as the jungle prince. Last punchline: The Rolex, quite unique in every way, sold for almost two million dollars in 2019.

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James Bond chases Dr. No - Rolex Submariner 6538

The first Bond film was still a comparatively modest event. The 007 watch was only loaned to the legend: Sean Connery was allowed to die in the film Rolex Submariner 6538 Carrying around broccoli by producer Albert R. The diving watch produced in the 1950s is accordingly coveted as a collector's item. The Bond actor probably had to return the original. It is supposedly still owned by the producer family, who still control the fate of the super spy. James Bond's watches became a running gag in the following films, always pimped by Q with gadgets. On the other hand, they always remained a fashion statement that fits the film character - and an unparalleled PR generator for watch manufacturers.

Fireball - Breitling Top Time

So that James Bond can track down two stolen nuclear warheads underwater, Q gives him a watch with a built-in Geiger counter in “Fireball”. In “real life” the clock is one Breitling Top time. A chronograph launched in 1964 that Willy Breitling wished for a bright future in the Swinging Sixties. You had to be a bit more free-spirited to like the design straight away: The Top time had two distinctive colored cones around the small dials of the stop function - and because of their arrangement, the nickname “Zorro” soon disappeared. In March 2020, Breitling launched the Top time now re-launched as a revised limited edition. She still doesn't have a Geiger counter - but a gadget that could put a stop to counterfeiters: a digital watch pass based on blockchain.

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No Time To Die - Omega Seamaster Diver 300M 007 Edition

Until Daniel Craig's last appearance as James Bond in No Time To Die it will take until November. Thanks for nothing, Corona. The time that has passed by then can be viewed on a special edition of Omega's Seamaster Diver 300M designed with Craig's input. Ever since Pierce Brosnan's times omega the Bond watches, also starting with that very model, at that time with a blue dial with waves. The farewell watch for Craig is lighter and more military, with a 42mm titanium case, an aluminum dial in tropical brown and an automatic caliber with a 55-hour power reserve. Aesthetically, Omega presented well. Now the film has to go up.

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Blue Hawaii and Men in Black - Hamilton Ventura

Another icon, Elvis Presley, wears his own watch through a movie. The King owned one Hamilton Ventura, which can be seen in his hit movie "Blue Hawaii". Elvis was also avant-garde when it came to watches. The housing of the Ventura is shield-shaped to this day - at that time it was a departure from all common design forms. The voltage curve drawn on the display between nine and three o'clock also made it clear that this was one of the first battery-operated clocks. The shape designed by US industrial designer Richard Arbib was so futuristic that the Ventura still passes as the clock of the future even half a century later. As the official watch of the "Men in Black".

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Apollo 13 - Omega Speedmaster Professional

NASA has the omegaSpeedmaster Played pretty badly in the 60s. The chronographs from Biel in Switzerland were frozen and grilled, exposed to hard knocks and strong magnetic fields and, of course, exposed to weightlessness. After all of this left the timekeepers unimpressed, the Speedmaster was given the rating "suitable for space travel" and was the only watch on the moon. The astronauts of the failed Apollo 13 mission also had their omegas with them. They even played a role in saving the team. Seen in Ron Howard's space drama "Apollo 13" - using the correct models of the clock.

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American Psycho - Rolex Datejust 16013

Branding fetishism plays a huge role in Brett Easton Ellis' novel American Psycho. The main character, the murderous investment banker Patrick Bateman, is pretty fixated on the brand with the logo crown. Allegedly will be 26 times Rolex mentioned in the book (we haven't counted). Christian Bale wears one in the film Rolex Datejust 16013. A variant of the stainless steel and gold model launched in 1946 with a gold-fluted bezel. So it's perfect for someone who wants to flaunt style and money. The Rolex was allowed to be worn in the film, but the Geneva watch manufacturer did not seem to be very sure about it. Riding around on the brand name as in the book was prohibited. The watch is now known as Patrick Bateman's Rolex.

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Le Mans - Heuer Monaco Chronograph

Steve McQueen did in the racing driver film Le Mans no average chronograph ennobled. The This year Monaco (from the time before the merger with the TAG Group) had already won a podium position alone. The watch had the first rectangular case that was also waterproof. And the caliber 11 built into it, in the development of which Breitling and Hamilton were also involved, only just got the short straw in the photo finish with the caliber "El Primero" from Zenith. The aim of the race was to develop the first automatic chronograph movement. In terms of publicity, the Heuer Monaco of course drove away from the competition with its use in the cinema.

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