Do doctors have a crush on patients

In love with the doctor and what now? Lovesick Alert!

I am naive, romantic and so it was clear that something stupid would happen to me at some point
I already hate the day I was referred to him, he's not my family doctor. (no gyn, no psycho ***)

To person
Me: 23, female, philosophy student and romantic up to NO MORE Very pretty but single because I'm a princess waiting for her prince ( read too many fairy tales and novels)

He: 20 years older than me (Yep ), divorced (Facebook research / or rather stalking ), attractive and somehow "strange" on it, but dominant and exudes that certain erotic power.
Do you know 50 Shades of Gray?))) YES, he reminds me of the guy, only that he is a doctor and about 13 years older than Christian Gray.

When I saw him, wow, he also fixed me and looked at me with wide eyes, although he was talking to another patient.
When I got upset, he was staring at me with that pad again, as if he was surprised to see me or something. During the consultation he looked deeply into my eyes, stared at me and then got nervous, he couldn't keep his hands still, played with the pen and played around with his sleeve while staring at me.
It crackled, I could feel it.
The farewell was kind of weird, smiled and ran away.
I thought this would be our first and last meeting, he did the investigation and should send the report to my HA.

Then I found out that I would have to go back to him in about 4 weeks (check-up) to do another examination
And now comes the funny thing

This time he didn't even look at me, was very serious, even cool, very distant, you could also think -> in a pretty bad mood. In front of me, however, was a patient, an older woman, and he laughed with her and even accompanied her to the reception. Well, it wasn't my mood.

With me:
No shaking hands, not even getting up, no smiling. I had my appointment in the afternoon and it was still dark in the room HÄ? A reception like that spoiled my mood too. I looked great, but he didn't even notice. I looked better than the first time, 10 times better.

In any case, my values ​​have been checked. He did not conduct the investigation from the report

But paid me a compliment. When I asked him if I was going to gain weight because of the medication he was going to prescribe (I'm slim), he said that I was in great shape and didn't need it.

Then he's out of the room, I run after him to take a blood sample and then he looks at me strangely, says no goodbye, no shaking hands and walks away into the room at a fast pace, closes the door quickly ... although there was still a patient sitting in front of the room and he should ask him in,
It happens that he brings the patient into the room right away, but he slammed the door, not even looking at him.

I've never seen anything like that. He was weird at the first meeting, but at the second ... Such a contradicting V receive
I was disappointed because I thought this would be the last time to see him.

2 weeks later I go to my HA, get his report and it says that I have to go back to him (check-up) in 2 months, although the values ​​are okay, he has not even prescribed medication for me.
My HA said that nobody goes to such a doctor that often (you should only have a check-up once a year or every 6 months if something is serious and I have nothing).

She didn't even tell me that I had to go to the check-up. Only at the reception did I ask the lady for a copy of the report and read that I should appear for a check-up.

Now I have no rest ... I thought that I just have a crush and it goes away, but I keep thinking about him, I like him a lot.

I don't know what to do ... And his behavior doesn't tell me much either, just that he's a strange man The way he behaves.

I've thought about taking him over for a cup of coffee, but I would never do anything like this in my life ... I would be ashamed.